Organic Farm Retreat

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Nowadays, we are all spoiled by the number of choices we have when comes to food. What we don’t realize is that when we consume food, we are introducing toxins into our body. Its no wonder why health businesses are flourishing and if you don’t believe me, you can Google “colon cleansing review” to see the amount of cleansers available.

However there are more enjoyable ways to detoxify yourself. A smart Malaysian entrepreneur came up with the idea of organizing Organic Farm retreats. Take for example Titi, in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan which is only 45 minutes from Seremban and about two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This 20-acre Titi Eco Farm is a place to learn and experience living total harmony with nature. Located on a hilltop 30 metres above sea level, guest are exposed to fruit orchards, a herb garden, vegetable garden and even animal farms where they will introduced to local vegetable and the natural processes of rearing chickens, ducks, fish and ostriches. Guest will also be served organic food and raw Hibiscus which is rather interesting.

If you have a farm somewhere, you may earn extra income by organizing health retreats targeting city dwellers.

Cube Hotels

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My very first posting was on Tune Hotel, a no-frills hotel that provides hotel rooms at a very affordable rate. Well, a Dutch by the name of Qbic came up with a more interesting no-frills concept while at the same time offers guests a new hotel experience.

Instead of having typical rooms, this hotel offers everything a guest might need inside a seven square meter cube. The cube comes fully equipped with high-quality bed, desk, AV equipments, designer bathroom, and etc. I believe this concept can be a success where space is a constraint. Qbic’s founder, Paul Rinkens, aims to franchise the concept so for those who are interested, maybe you should drop him an email. If you adopt an insurance marketing strategy for this hotel concept, you may achieve your success quickly.

Hotel X

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Dutch hospitality group La Bergère came up with a very interesting idea. To furnish up their hotel dubbed Hotel X, they are going to decorate it using furniture and knick-knacks purchased from ordinary people. Hotel X is calling on people to rummage through their attics, spare rooms and garages, and offer their unused objects for sale. People can send in the pictures of their items they’d like to sell along with a their asking price.

This is indeed a very clever way to not only find great decorating pieces but also to garner interest in the hotel. So if you have any old unwanted furniture, why not start clearing up your store room. You can sell away unwanted discount classroom furniture or any thing that you may not have any use anymore.

Pop-up Cube Cabins

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A French tourism company called Bocages has created a pop-up cabin for four that features a transparent dome in the roof, a telescope and a sky observation kit. The aim is to create a portable observatory for stargazer fans. Made with recyclable wood, the cabin aims to be environmentally friendly.

Each cabin is also equipped with a double cabin bed, a sofa bed for two, a kitchenette with refrigerator and hot plates, shower, toilet, wardrobe, electric heating, a bio-ethanol fireplace and cast-iron garden furniture for outside.

Well, maybe somebody here can replicate such idea in this region. Recyclable wood is plentiful and some construction sites discard good quality wood without really putting them to good use. This pop-up cube cabins can be used for other applications e.g. advertising campaigns, pop-up gyms, weight loss programs, etc.

Green Hotel

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As consumers are getting more educated on being environmentally friend, being green becomes a competitive advantage. Companies that do not start thinking green will eventually feel their bottom line affected in the near future just because they cause more damage to the environment compared to their competitors. When energy-saving measures are introduced, such as energy management systems, fluorescent bulbs, ceiling fans, etc., energy bills are much reduced. Being green also means guests, staff and management are healthier.

Countries are beginning to adopt Green ratings to rate how green a hotel is. For example if you go to, they even provide listing of hotels that are deemed environmentally friendly. So whether you are in the Outer Banks or Pulau Pangkor, why not start the very first Green Hotel in your area?

Ostrich Racing

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More and more people are looking for something beyond the traditional extreme sports to help them with stress as well as to get away from weight loss supplements. If you can think of just something that might just trigger interest, the idea might just work creating instant source of revenue with low cost. Having said that, ever thought of starting an Ostrich Race.

Ostriches are large enough for a small person to ride them, typically while holding on to the wings for grip, and in some areas of northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, ostriches are trained as racing mounts.

Look at it this way. There are ostriches farm located everywhere. Why not strike a deal with those farmers.

Adventure Themed Vacation

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If you have a piece of land in the middle of nowhere and not knowing what to do with it to attract people to go there, why not turn it into a reality Tv show.

Consider launched by two young British entrepreneurs, they are creating a global tribe that will develop a sustainable eco-community on an island in Fiji. They are looking for 5000 people from around the world to become part of a tribe.

People who want to join the tribe can subscribe to their membership ranging from 1 year to 3 years. When the 5000th member joins, the tribe will be formed and will start to make tribal decisions by voting through the online community at, on issues such as the name of the tribe, and how to build a community in an environmentally friendly way.

So wait no more. Grab your Suunto watches and go join the tribe.


Jumbo Hostel

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With natural resources depleting quickly, nothing should be wasted. Consider a jumbo jet. What can you do to save a jumbo jet that is due to be sold as scrap metal? Why not turn it into a hostel? 

A Swedish entrepreneur by the name of Oscar Dios did exactly that. Dios stuffed 85 beds into a gutted Boeing 747 and dubbed it Jumbo Hostel. Parked right outside Stockholm’s Arland Airport, it contains 25 rooms equipped with  air conditioning, WIFI, toilets and bathroom light fixtures with a stunning view of the runway.


Ghost Tours

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Some of you may just have a thing for the spooky and the supernatural world. If you are that person, why not consider running your very own Ghost Tours.

Consider Mercat Tours in Edinburgh. They provide the best Ghost and History tours in Scotland specializing in walking tours around Edinburgh’s Old Town featuring the most haunted locations, the scariest stories and most spectacular candlelit underground vaults.

Tours run all year round and even run private tours for groups which requirements can be tailor made. Founded in 1985 with an employment of around ten permanent staff, they provide 12 tours daily in high season and 8 in low season.


Hosting Cool Parties

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If you have a thing for parties, why not try organizing a Murder Mystery Party?

The founder of Murder Mystery Maniacs, Inc started the business of holding Murder Mystery Party back in May 2003.  The idea sprouted after having attended countless uninteresting corporate events and birthday parties. After much thought and countless trials, they decided to offer a selection of mystery parties for guests.

Now, they offer over 40 scenarios, have had 4000 hosts, and had 40,000 guests attend an event.

Why not start your very first Muder Mystery Party?