Female Car Accessories

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For all cars enthusiasts out there, car modifications is part of growing up. Especially for all the guys out there, I am pretty sure that most of you out there has done some changes to your car either major or minor modifications.

Well most car accessory providers target male customers. In my opinion, there are potential is the female market segment. Consider Me-mo,they have fantastic car accessories for ladies, ranging from seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear knobs decorated with Swarovski crystals, and etc. Come to think of it, you can start any type of car specialty shops as long as you know what market you are targeting. It could very well be a specialty shop that sells truck accessories and customized items.

New Age Motor Home

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One thing we don’t see at all here in the South East Asia region is motor homes. But in the United States, due to large land coverage and long distances between cities, it makes sense to have motor homes where you can pull over at strategic spots for a night rest without needing to pay for hotel services.

However, one minor set back is that motor homes are rather bulky making travel between short distances a little nuisance. So, its no wonder why Christian Susana of Germany came up with this concept of a motor home with a detachable front car for tooling around on day trips making it also easier for motorhome towing.

Colim, which stands for Colors of Life in Motion has a detachable cockpit that has a top speed of 90 mph and the entire shebang can sleep four. It’s apparently more fuel-efficient than a traditional motor home, too. Currently, Colim is still is not manufactured yet.

Flying Taxi

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The future of public transportation is here. What if there is an aircraft that is capable of  taking off and landing in short distances?

Introducing “The Jetpod” the future of air travel. Jetpod is a Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing (VQSTOL) light twin-jet aircraft which can cruise at 300 knots (350 mph, 550 kmh) and requires just 125 metres to take-off or land using a combination of horizontal and vertical thrust. There’s room for eight people and the cabin height is 1.82 metres throughout while the cabin width is 1.55m which also extends throughout.

This vehicle is still going through a trial test but if this is a success, it will make way for a new kind of air travel.

Mobile Beauty Salon

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I just blogged about Mobile Gym. How about a Mobile Beauty Salon?

Introducing Return to Glory, a mobile beauty salon that brings a wide range of beauty, massage and spa services to clients’ location wherever they are. Whether it’s makeup, hair or nails, customers get to choose the date and time they want, and then view the specialists available to perform the service. Customers get to rate the services online and future customers get to view the results before choosing.

This is just another example of a mobile service. This idea can be replicated to whole lot of other thing e.g. tanning services, dietary services and even cosmetic dental services. Maybe in the near future, Plano Cosmetic Dentist may be operating on wheels instead of stationary clinics.

Mobile Gym

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The gym craze has been invading every part of the town. Fitness centers are sprouting everywhere because there is money to be made. Unfortunately, opening up a gym is never easy as it is capital intensive. For gyms to be successful, one of the key success factors is accessibility.

In Rio de Janeiro, an entrepreneur came up with the idea of a mobile gym. Introducing Bus Bike. Bus Bike is a totally modified bus offering indoor bike classes. Passengers pay a monthly fee to access the gym. The membership includes a personal instructor, overseeing 16 bikes, as well as a dressing room, a fridge, and a sound system.

This is a great way to get some exercise while getting from point A to point B. A better way to lose weight than the best diet pills.

Bamboo Bike

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Nothing surprises me more. With the improvement of technologies, more and more materials can be used to build better things more efficiently and more importantly, more environmental friendly.

Consider Calfee Design, builder of carbon fiber bike frames since 1988. Their durable frames have been used in world class competitions like the Hawaii Ironman and the Tour de France and the Olympics and some very famous athletes have raced on their bikes.

Calfee Design has came up with a unique material that can be used to make bike frames. Guess what! The material is none other than Bamboo. Some of the added benefits using Bamboo is better vibration damping that results in performance advantage on longer rides.The bike frame is made from Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting. Now, that’s what I call real innovation.

We have many avid bikers in Asia. This maybe something that might just interest them.

Hover Scooter

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If you are into electronics + mechanical devices, you will definitely like the new transportation gizmo. For those who remember Segway the Easy Glider may take the Segway on a run for it’s money.

The main wheel of the Easy Glider is powered by a 360-watt electric motor and will garner a top speed of 13 mph within a 10 to 15 mile range. It also comes with headlights and an optional MP3 player.But that’s not all. Users can detach the pedestal trailer and use it with any other wheeled tranportation, like roller skates or skateboards.

It is nearly one fourth that of the Segway, coming in at around $1300 making it much more affordable. Now that’s what I call real innovation.

Airpod – Car that Runs on Air

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Electric cars now look like a thing of the past. Now Motor Development International (MDI) has come up with cars that actually runs on air with a little bit of fuel, ethanol or vegetable oil.

At a speed between 56 to 64 km per hour, its great for city centre driving. However, combine with diesel, biodiesel or biofuel to heat the compressed air, it cav even go up to a speed of 154 km per hour with fuel efficiency of 43 km per liter. Its great compare to the car which I am driving right now that sucks up 1 liter every 12km.

I wonder what’s next.  

New Age Motorcycle

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I have written about green cars but not on green motorcycles yet. One such bike is the recently invented green motorcycle called Tango. Invented by two teenagers by the name of Ben Gulak and Jason Morrow, the sporty vehicle was invented as part of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

You sit on the Tango just like you would on any other motorbike but with one major difference. There’s no hand steering controls. Instead, the rider leans in the direction of desired motion. 

This will be a cool addition to your range of environmental friendly vehicles. Hopefully by driving this vehicle the auto insurance quotes will not be affected too much.


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There is a great business opportunity in town. Providing free transportation that does not pollute the environment, does not consume and fuel and yet you can still earn a decent living from it. Introducing Ecocab, the new age version of a trishaw.

Ecocabs are a fleet of modern passenger tricycles operating a free shuttle service between specific time every day of the week. Ecocabs basically earns revenue from sponsors who advertises on their ecocabs.

What can I say. It’s a definite winner especially if your town allows or already has trishaw operations. Time to give your town a little more flavour.