Construction Scrap Exchange

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With the construction jobs booming everywhere due to economic recovery, materials consumption will be on the rise. Which means that wastage is bound to happen. As natural resources such as iron ores and coppers depleting, the need to efficiently use all materials available and minimize wastage becomes very crucial.

One way is to develop an online builders’ material exchange for builders’ surplus. Introducing, a completely free to use website where contractors and developers can pass on leftover building supplies or materials to potential users. Buyers are also able to find fantastic low cost deals on the website. By using BuilderScrap to pass on and recyle unused materials, you can save on skip costs and reduce the construction waste that you are sending to landfill. Fantasic idea!!!

Bags from Sweaters

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Any old sweaters or clothing that has been left in the corner of your closet for a long time? Why not turn it into something useful.

There are many old clothing that has been turned into old rags or ended up in the bin. Why not upcycle into something more valuable other than an old rag? Take for example Woolstatic, a company that made pretty much anything from cut up wool sweaters and sell it online. Check it out at

This business idea is especially workable for stay at home mum who loves to knit.

Green Swimming Pool

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Swimming pools have been around for a long time. There many different types of swimming pool designs and swimming pool supplies. However, one kind of pool is getting rather popular, which is the lap pool. Lap pool utilizes much lesser space as is is designed to be ideal for health and fitness exercises rather than for pure recreation and leisure. Because of the compact size, lap pools can be custom designed to fit in with the look and style of your yard.

Swimming pools have always consumed a lot of water and since water has become a very important resource in some parts of the world, a new design to conserve water will be a point of attraction. How about combining Rainwater Harvesting system to capture rainwater for swimming pool usage? The Rainwater Harvesting system can incorporate filtering system to clean the water before entering the pool.

Sky Farms

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With the concern of food scarcity and depleting land resources for farming, innovative ideas will be needed to reform the way we are growing our crops. As for residential houses, land size has become smaller and houses are being built with more levels to have bigger built-ups. Nowadays, it is common to hear the term zero-lot bungalow. Basically, they are bungalows with very small plot of land with limited land space. With smaller land space, garden space has also shrunk. For those who loves to plant trees and even vegetables for self-consumption, this has become quite impossible.

The only solution is to make use of the house usable space e.g. flat roof. More and more architects and home owners are going for this choice. Owners can even make use of patio furniture on the roof to turn into a private haven. In fact, some high-rise buildings have also started introducing this concept. Why not start a business to offer such services?

Eco Treadmill

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I have blogged about a gym that actually generates electricity through the use of exercise machines that converts human movements to electricity that can be stored in batteries.

Well… now this technology can even made available for those who works out at home. Introducing Woodway EcoMill treadmill. It is eco friendly where you not only exercise but also you actually  generate enough electricity to power the treadmill without even needing to plug it into the socket(wall) to draw electricity. The power generated is sufficient to keep the display up and running. It does this by utilizing Woodway’s near frictionless drive system.

I want to have one.

Window Solar Energy Collector

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In tropical countries where sunlight is abundant, it can be both a problem and an opportunity. Why not invent something that can kill two birds with one stone – remove the negative impact of sunlight but harness the positive attributes at the same time. Well… you may think it is impossible but wait till you here about Smart Energy Glass.

Smart Glass Energy is a new innovation from Dutch Peer+ that turns windows into solar energy collectors with a customisable appearance. It does not only collects solar energy but owners can even adjust visibility level by switching between three modes: dark, bright and privacy, which scatters the light passing through. By controlling the darkness mode of the windows, harmful UV rays can be minimized. The energy that is harnessed can be used directly by home owners and the surplus can even be fed back to the grid resulting in lower energy cost. Whether you are running a business card printing or a gym, this Smart Energy Glass will benefit you.

What a great idea!

Solatube – Renewable Light Source

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How may of you out there are bored with your sales jobs and think that if you have a great and interesting product, you will do well? I have something for you which you might find interesting.

Introducing Solatube, a natural daylighting system. Everyone is talking about cutting carbon emission and reduce energy consumption recently, and launching this product now is a great timing. Just to provide a quick introduction. The Solatube natural lighting system captures the sun’s light with a unique Solar reflector inside a high impact acrylic dome.  The dome is mounted on a specially designed UV protected roof tile fitting that can be located strategically at areas where it captures the most daylight. The light is directed down a highly mirrored aluminium tubing system to an attractive diffuser on your ceiling and from the bottom, it looks like a typical recessed downlight.

For those who are interested, you can contact them to find out how you can be a sales agent or a distributor at

Power Generation Ball

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I could not resist sharing this with all of you. This invention is a remarkable example of how we can harness kinetic energy from our daily activities.

Football is nothing new to everybody and almost everybody I know is into the game, either as an audience or an active player. A group of Harvard University invented sOccket, a football that turns energy from a kick into electricity. Basically, it works with inductive coil technology, similar to that found in flashlights that power up when shaken. It is estimated that for each 15 minutes of play, it can store enough energy to power a small LED light for three hours. This portable energy-harvesting device can even e used to charge lights, cell phones and batteries.

Well, how about trying to invent something to capture the energy dissipated from your ps3 wireless controllers?

Shower Timer

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One of God’s greatest gift is the gift of water, without which no living things can thrive. So, wouldn’t it be silly if we were to waste such wonderful gift even though at the present moment we have plenty. Just imagine certain continents are so dried up that they wish they have som water, even greywater.

Personally, I am really into things that can help reduce wastage. Let me introduce you to Efergy’ Shower Timer. This green plastic gadget tells you how much water you’re using in the shower and warn you with an alarm for those who want to set limits. You’ll  end up conserving water and save money.

So to all of you out there, start saving water or else every Friday will be a Black Friday. For entrepreneurs, add this into your list of 2010 business opportunities.

Green Box Rental

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“Why are we cutting down  trees to make a cardboard box that’s used once, maybe twice, to just throw it away in a landfill?”, says Spencer Brown founder of

You know what, he does make a lot of sense but often we do not realize how much  rubbish do we throw out on a daily basis.generating massive quantities of waste, that ultimately ends up in a landfill.

Spencer;s idea is remarkably simple. He has re-invented the cardboard moving box from 100% hard to recycle plastic trash mined from local landfills. His invention is called The Recopack is available in 3 sizes and delivered direct to your door on theirfleet of super green eco-trucks powered by waste vegetable oil and bio-fuel. They deliver them a week before you move and pick them up a week after giving you 2 full weeks (14 days) to pack and move.

In my opinion every cross country moving companies should make this green box mandatory.