Mini Size Food

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If you go to any of the famous fast food chains, you may find that most of the items on the menu are huge. They are constantly  coming up with larger portions to attract more customers. However, bigger isn’t always better.

Consider Chicago-based, “Minnies”. They feature a wide selection of bite-size gourmet burgers and sandwiches that includes favorites such as grilled cheese and Reubens, Mykonos, Cuban, Tenderloin, etc. Besides serving waistline-minded eaters something to nibble on, the fifties-style diner gives hungrier customers the mix-and-match pleasure of tapas restaurants.

Interesting concept. Might just help to reduce dependencies on diet pills.


Bamboo Bike

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Nothing surprises me more. With the improvement of technologies, more and more materials can be used to build better things more efficiently and more importantly, more environmental friendly.

Consider Calfee Design, builder of carbon fiber bike frames since 1988. Their durable frames have been used in world class competitions like the Hawaii Ironman and the Tour de France and the Olympics and some very famous athletes have raced on their bikes.

Calfee Design has came up with a unique material that can be used to make bike frames. Guess what! The material is none other than Bamboo. Some of the added benefits using Bamboo is better vibration damping that results in performance advantage on longer rides.The bike frame is made from Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting. Now, that’s what I call real innovation.

We have many avid bikers in Asia. This maybe something that might just interest them.

Bus Alert

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For those of you who often takes buses to get yourself around, nothing frustrates you more than missing the bus, especially those irregular ones. What if there is a better way to alert you when the bus that you want to get on is approaching?

Eric Forkosh, a junior at Rambam Mesivta High School in Lawrencehas is devising a gadget to address this problem. He created Bus Alert!, a hand held unit that uses radio signals to alert students and parents when the school bus is arriving – a simple but workable solution to everyday problems. This idea can work not only on school buses but public buses as well.

Well, Eric’s idea is not fully matured yet and there is more room for growth. Anybody up for the challenge?

Carpet Skating

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With global recessions hitting every part of the world, more and more companies will wind up leaving buildings and offices vacant. Meaning, there will be many landlords and owners out there dying for tenants. What else can we do besides using as offices?

How about Carpet Skating? You could probably make your own carpet skates but there are carpet skates sold online that doesn’t really cost too much. Take for example FunSlides. They can be strapped on in seconds right over your shoes and will have you blazing through the cubicles faster than a speeding manager. I can imagine how handy these carpet skates can be. However make sure you get some insurance quotes before you start carpet skating.

Super Swing Extreme Sport

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If you think a swing is child’s play, think again. What if the swing is installed 1,100ft above ground?

In Harbin City, China, a 700 foot swing aptly named, “Game for brave people” has been installed on a radio tower.  Swingers start at the peak of the tower, which is 1,100 feet off the ground so imagine the adrenaline rush when you start swinging.

Maybe we can replicate the same thing here in Petronas Twin Towers or the KL Towers. That will add flavour to the local extreme sports scene.

Pre-Cut Decors

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With people flocking to buy IKEA’s furniture and fixings, there are many opportunities for ready-made decorations to customize their IKEA furniture to make it their own using decorative surface coverings.

Sydney-based Grippiks sells adhesive sheets in a variety of bright colours and patterns for use on the surfaces of many models of IKEA furniture. Made from a plastic-based film that grips surfaces using micro suction rather than sticky adhesive, the sheets are easy to position, reposition and remove without bubbles or sticky residue. A Grippiks sheet are pre-cut to just the right sizes for some of IKEA’s most popular items table, cabinets, audio racks, etc.

A simple idea that rides the waves of other successes.

Pillow Fighting Sport

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Remember those days when you were young, some of you maybe familiar with pillow fights. Who could have imagined that the day will come where pillow fighting becomes an official sport.

In Toronto, women from all over Canada participate in this event, creating alter-egos and combine forces to fight until one of them becomes an ultimate pillow fighter. The fighters play characters  just like in wrestling. The fighters all have their profiles on display online at

Maybe this is something that one of you may re-create here. You might even have wholesale pillows in one corner to make some extra money.

Hover Scooter

Author: Alex  |  Category: Transportation

If you are into electronics + mechanical devices, you will definitely like the new transportation gizmo. For those who remember Segway the Easy Glider may take the Segway on a run for it’s money.

The main wheel of the Easy Glider is powered by a 360-watt electric motor and will garner a top speed of 13 mph within a 10 to 15 mile range. It also comes with headlights and an optional MP3 player.But that’s not all. Users can detach the pedestal trailer and use it with any other wheeled tranportation, like roller skates or skateboards.

It is nearly one fourth that of the Segway, coming in at around $1300 making it much more affordable. Now that’s what I call real innovation.

Ostrich Racing

Author: Alex  |  Category: Hospitality and Tourism

More and more people are looking for something beyond the traditional extreme sports to help them with stress as well as to get away from weight loss supplements. If you can think of just something that might just trigger interest, the idea might just work creating instant source of revenue with low cost. Having said that, ever thought of starting an Ostrich Race.

Ostriches are large enough for a small person to ride them, typically while holding on to the wings for grip, and in some areas of northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, ostriches are trained as racing mounts.

Look at it this way. There are ostriches farm located everywhere. Why not strike a deal with those farmers.

Energy Tracker

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If you can’t measure how much you weigh, it would be difficult to manage your weight and control your food intake.  If you can’t measure your energy consumption effectively, it would be very difficult for you to know where you should reduce your energy consumption. So the old adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” holds true here.

When Internet giant Google announced that a new free web application called PowerMeter will be launched to provide users to track exactly how their homes are consuming energy, there is a new hope that we will be more energy efficient and reduce energy wastages.

Most people don’t know how much electricity their appliances use, where in the house they are wasting electricity, or how much the bill might go up during different seasons. The software, still in the prototype stage, can tell users, for example, which appliances in their homes are using the most energy. Using this information, consumers can make intelligent choices about how and where to cut their energy use and electric bills.

Great idea. Now where do I get my hands on those smart meters. Maybe there is a sale some where.