Song Auction

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Online auctions is nothing new. Some sites even offer free online auctions which means there are no fees involve. However, have you heard of auctions sites where consumers get to buy the rights of a song? Imagine how cool it would be to own the rights to a song of your favorite artist e.g. Michael Jackson.

Introducing SongVest, a new age auction site. Aiming to connect songwriters and fans in a new way, SongVest has developed a platform for live and online auctions of songwriters’ rights that lets consumers buy as much as 100 percent of the rights to a given song, that includes the associated royalty streams. As owners of the songwriters’ rights, buyers are entitled to earn royalties on their songs.

A new kind of investment indeed.

Eco Maids

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Household helpers are not new to us. Dozens if not hundreds of companies are offering maid services either for short and long term. In this kind of competitive environment, how does one company get themselves out from the deadly red ocean into calm blue ocean. The only way is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make them irrelevant.

Consider EcoMaids. This company offers environmentally safe green cleaning for homes or businesses. For countries such as the US where LEED standard have been adopted by many companies, LEED certified cleaning services have been a relatively new thing.

EcoMaids uses only non-toxic, chemical-free, all-natural and biodegradable products are used for cleaning without introducing harmful toxins into homes and the environment. Don’t worry, they won’t harm your XBox. Equipment and supplies are even reusable and recyclable.

I can imagine this kind of service being in demand in other parts of the world.

Pop-up Restaurant

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For those who have been following my blogged, I am quite into Green innovations. Anything that has anything to do with cleaning up waste, recycling old products or alternative energy sources will get me excited.

Well…some genius has came up with the idea of using old standard shipping container as pop-up restaurants. The container transforms into a ‘chic fast food’ restaurant in 90 seconds at the touch of a button. Aptly named Müvbox, the container features a fully functional kitchen with enough space for four members of staff and a wood-fired pizza oven.

The walls of the container collapse to create a covered patio with enough room to serve 28 people, half of whom can be seated at small bistro tables. The floor is made from recycled tires and its roof contains solar panels to provide up to 40% of required energy. Fresh, high-quality local products such as lobster rolls, seafood pizza and other local lobster delicacies are for sale. Come to think of it, this idea can be applied for businesses other than food.

Green Hotel

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As consumers are getting more educated on being environmentally friend, being green becomes a competitive advantage. Companies that do not start thinking green will eventually feel their bottom line affected in the near future just because they cause more damage to the environment compared to their competitors. When energy-saving measures are introduced, such as energy management systems, fluorescent bulbs, ceiling fans, etc., energy bills are much reduced. Being green also means guests, staff and management are healthier.

Countries are beginning to adopt Green ratings to rate how green a hotel is. For example if you go to, they even provide listing of hotels that are deemed environmentally friendly. So whether you are in the Outer Banks or Pulau Pangkor, why not start the very first Green Hotel in your area?

New Age Rock Climbing

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We have seen many video games in the mall that combines actual physical movement with digital simulation, for example “Dance Dance Revolution”. These games are designed to get kids off the couch and into some exercise. What if you combine rock climbing and gaming? Well you get DigiWall, a structure that combines a climbing wall with gaming.

Designed for use in public places, DigiWall is a climbing wall with high-end surround-sound whose grips include both lights and sensors that react when they are touched. Equipped with computer memory, different selection of games, contests and challenges provide quite an experience.

Imagine the places you can install DigiWall. It can be quite a hit.

Human Poo Bag

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What do you get when you get a bunch of people and provide them with Peepoo bag? Well… you get man-made fertilizer.

In certain parts of the world, it is quite alarming that people do not have regular access to a toilet. Without proper water sanitation, people actually die from drinking contaminated water. With this alarming fact, Swedish Peepoople created the Peepoo bag to serve as a personal, portable and low-cost solution. The plastic bag is made of biodegradable plastic measuring 14 by 38 cm. It is lined with a urea-coated gauze layer that disinfects all waste. Used bags are odour-free for at least 24 hours and are safe for burial underground.

Within two to four weeks after use, the contents get converted to high-quality fertilizer, which means it can actually become a source of income for some people. I cannot think of a more ingenious way than the Peepoo bag. Think of it this way, for those who are trapped in a traffic jam or having difficulty looking for a toilet during long distance moving or traveling, this could be your solution.

Cooler Bed

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For countries that have tropical climates, large of amount of energy is being used for air conditioning. Most city dwellers can not live without air conditioning. With El Nino hitting some countries, without a doubt, sales of air conditioning and electricity bills will shoot up.

Aiming to provide a more sustainable alternative, an innovative company recent launched “Evening Bed”, a canopy bed with built-in air conditioner that uses only a fraction of the energy normally used (400 watts on an average). Air is filtered and cooled to a set temperature and humidity level and then gently directed over the sleeper via an upholstered canopy ceiling.

So say goodbye to Vegas vacations to escape the tropical heat wave and say hello to “Evening Breeze”.

Senior Store

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The number of senior citizens around the world is undeniably huge. Just the sheer size of the market will give your the economies of scale to help propel you to “Richie Rich” land in no time if you are able to offer something that is truly unique. Many companies out there are aware of this opportunity and little wonder why companies are creating new business ideas to target this group.

Take for instance HOJO. It is a brand-new health and wellness store that has set its focus squarely on seniors. The store offers a holistic variety of about 400 lifestyle products dedicated to keeping senior citizens happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible. HOJO groups its products into categories including wellness and health, daily living, leisure and comfort, communication and security, etc.

Imagine the limitless products and services that you can offer to the senior citizens including supplying HGH supplements and nursing services. There is more than one way to generate money.