Collectibles Trader

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Selling collectibles is another good way of earning money. A walk in a mall will show you a variety of shops selling different types of collectibles e.g. miniature toys, coins, stamps, painting and etc.

However, there are still many areas where you can fill up the gaps. If you look around, there are many people out there who demands certain niche items. With demands comes business opportunities. Take for instance They supply  renaissance costumes, medieval weapons, home decors and etc – a one-stop shop for all your medieval items needs. Instead of selling, you can even consider rental opportunities for costume parties.


Pet Rental

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If you have a love for pets or currently running a pet shop, why not consider renting out your pets instead of just selling them. Think of it this way, if people would rent houses, cars and other stuff, why not pets.

There are many people out there who loves pets but do not have dedicated time to take care of pets especially for busy business executives. However, they might toy with the idea of having pets when they are less busier or on holiday.

Consider Flexpetz, a company which started offering a shared dog ownership concept that provides their members with access to a variety of dogs. All dogs has completed obedience training and some dogs are also certified as therapy dogs.

So pet shop owners, what are you waiting for?


Bike Rental

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If you go to Paris, you will see self-service bicycles that can be rented located in strategic places along the roads. These bicycles (also known as Vélib) can be automatically unlocked from racks (cutting down on labour cost to oversee the bicycles) and used for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Since being introduced in the French capital, the Vélib (short for free or freedom-bikes in French) project has surprised cynics with its popularity.

For each half-hour cycling, the user is charged only one euro fee. Statistics show that each bicycle has been used six times on average in a day.

Maybe this will help you come up with your next genious idea.

Website :

Office Space Rental

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If you have a vacant office space and do not know what to with it, why not convert it into a neat little place to be rented out. Some smaller companies prefer not to rent a whole office unit to lower operating cost. Instead, they opt to rent office space. Other potential users may range from home-based businesses to mobile professionals.


Plant Rental

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A Malaysian-based company came up with an innovative to make money from potted plants. They offer plant rental service. Companies who wants to beautify their premises can opt to rent the plants instead of having their own plant. Customers can view the gallery online before deciding which plant they want and it will be delivered to their doorsteps. The company will take care of the needs of the plants and ensure that the plants stays healthy.