Rent a Friend

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Talk about new age business ideas. I have heard of rental services for many things but this got to be the weirdest one I have heard. I came across the idea of friendship rental services on a newspaper recently. Apparently the target market is for people who are doing a lot of traveling and find it a bit to lonesome. Before I mind stray off to escort services, it is not like that. Just imagine if you traveled somewhere and you want a friendly companion to attend a social event or party with you, someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to movie or a restaurant with, can help. You can even hire a friend to  show you around an unfamiliar town orteach you a new skill or hobby. Before you hire anybody, you can view all of the profiles and photos on their website.

Apparently, it is a big hit in the US and Canada. I think this idea might just work.

Tattoo Web Simulator

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Well…this is something interesting for all tattoo lovers. Are you one of those people who is wondering whether you should get a tattoo or not? I use to be one them but never get myself to do that because I am not sure how it would look on me and if it does not look good, I am stuck with it.

Here comes TatMash, a site that lets users see what a real tattoo would look like on them before they really get it done. All you need to do is upload your photos and grad the tattoo’s image to the spot on their body where you would like to have it done. They have a wide array of tattoo design for you to choose (not too sure whether they have any tattoos for insurance advertising).

 So, if you own a tattoo parlor, this is a great way to differentiate yourself.

Extreme Games

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Ever thought of paying to experience something harrowing e.g. being kidnapped or being chased by drug dealers? Well… I am sure some crazy thrill-seekers out there will pay for such a thing. Forget about bungee jumping or sky diving, now you have an alternative that will get your blood running in no time.

Introduced by Ultime Réalité, thrill-seekers have the options of choosing services such as”Kidnapping”, “Manhunt” and “Go-Fast Adventure”.  If you choose to bee kidnapped, basically you will be taken by surprise and held for a number of hours before you are rescued. With additional fee,  Ultime Réalité can even throw in helicopter chases for paying victims.

Wow… talk about extreme games. I think I will need a blue acne light treatment after playing this game.

Artistic Urns

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Another idea for those who have an artistic mind. Ever thought of turning traditional urn that is used as container for cremated remains into a piece of art. Well…it seems some people have already done it. Those entrepreneurs realized that most urns are expensive and un inspiring. What they did was to design and produce urns that are unique and beautiful.This art pieces can be displayed anywhere even in you Outer Banks vacation homes.

With land become more scarce, burial will become too expensive and many people will begin to opt for cheaper options such as cremations. I believe urn trading business is a good business to venture into.

New Age Barcodes

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For those of you who have held a barcode scanner to scan an item to get the price of an item, you will notice how dull looking the barcodes are. However, a Japanese Design Barcode took an innovative step to turn standard bar codes into something more interesting.

Traditional rectangular looking bar codes are redesigned to something cute and more meaningful. From animal designs to buildings, Design Barcode has ingeniously incorporated the elements of their clients’ business into the bar code designs.

This is just one example of how simple and boring things can be turned totally opposite.

Revenge Outsourcing

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It is definitely something that I have never heard off but guess what, it is really happening. I am sure all of you out there have been aggrevated by someone and you really want to get even with them but just do not have the guts to do so.  A company called Alibis and Paybacks offers an unusual service business that offers revenge services on behalf of their clients.

For a fee, the company will publicly denounce and embarrass someone or some business, peppering their target’s workplace or neighborhood with fliers that colorfully describe the individual’s purported malfeasance. Imagine your nemesis is having a holiday in a myrtle beach vacation rentals only to find out later that stories  about his bad deeds have been plastered all over his neighborhood. What a fantastic payback time!

Vampire-Themed Cafe

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Themed cafe is not a new concept. Many has come up with great ideas such as prison-themed cafe, cave-themed cafe or even toilet-themed cafe that is actually quite a good appetite suppressant. In Japan, there is actually a vampire-themed cafe. If you are wondering whether blood is on the menu, the answer is NO. The snug rooms are piped with Baroque music and creatively decorated with crucifixes, spiders, skulls, Dracula’s coffin. and etc.  (Sounds like home to any Gothic Lolita.) Thick, beaded drapes ensure that any naughty behavior in the booths won’t make the rounds on the Internet. The waitresses dress in Gothic French maid outfits and the waiters wear tuxedos.

Rather interesting don’t you think.

Cool Vomit Bag

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For many pregnant mothers out there, there are few things thing that are unavoidable such as morning sickness and weight gaining. When you talk about morning sickness, it only means there is a constant demand for vomit bags. Unfortunately, most vomit bags comes in boring design.

A Vancouver-based company came up with a fantastic idea. Introducing Morning Chicness Bags, a bag for pregnant women to carry without being embarrassed. The founder, Tara decided to design chic and affordable morning sickness bags, and so she conceived Morning Chicness Bags. Come in six attractive designs that any mom would be proud to include in her purse. All are made of sturdy paper with leak-proof polyethylene lining and horizontal closure clip.

What a cool and simple idea. As for weight gaining, for ladies out there, maybe you can just check out ultra 90 review.

Pay to Break

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Not too long ago I blogged about Sarah’s Smash Shack, which was conceived to relieve people who are stressed-out by allowing customers to break stuff in a safe environment. The shack has actually helped quite a few customers to vent their frustrations out thus releasing tension. The only think wrong with this idea is that the act of smashing up items can be wasteful.

My idea is a slight modification of the Smash Shack. Everywhere you go, you will see houses undergoing renovation. Where there is renovation going on, there is bound to have something that needs to be hacked or removed e.g. kitchen cabinets, brick walls and sanitary wares. Why not partner up with a contractor to allow customers to go in to smash things up for free? From the way I look at it, its a win-win situation. The contractor can get things done quicker and the customers get to relieve their stress. Make sure you don’t do this to a new home or else your home insurance will not cover for the damages.

Human Poo Bag

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What do you get when you get a bunch of people and provide them with Peepoo bag? Well… you get man-made fertilizer.

In certain parts of the world, it is quite alarming that people do not have regular access to a toilet. Without proper water sanitation, people actually die from drinking contaminated water. With this alarming fact, Swedish Peepoople created the Peepoo bag to serve as a personal, portable and low-cost solution. The plastic bag is made of biodegradable plastic measuring 14 by 38 cm. It is lined with a urea-coated gauze layer that disinfects all waste. Used bags are odour-free for at least 24 hours and are safe for burial underground.

Within two to four weeks after use, the contents get converted to high-quality fertilizer, which means it can actually become a source of income for some people. I cannot think of a more ingenious way than the Peepoo bag. Think of it this way, for those who are trapped in a traffic jam or having difficulty looking for a toilet during long distance moving or traveling, this could be your solution.