Pet Spa

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Pets are having some of the best time of their lives. In some parts of the world, pets are having better lives than people. From diet pills and programs to pet hotels, now there is spa for pets.

Consider Its a one-stop, pet-care center which offers an extensive array of quality services such as pet grooming, pet sitting, pet training and pet massage. Some of the benefits of massaging includes improvement in blood circulation, an increase of blood and nutrients supply to muscles and bone, aid in the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body and etc.

I believe this business opportunity could work in upmarket areas.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Program

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Weight loss supplements such as Fenphedra are trying to get consumers to lose weight by increasing the metabolism using powerful compounds such as caffeine, synephrine, phenylethylamine, and chocmaine.

However, taking pills is not only the solution to increase metabolism. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners or TCM physicians claim that acupuncture can help you to lose body fat by increasing the metabolic rate which means burning more calories to speed up weight loss. These practitioners claims that acupuncture stimulates the production of a hormone called endorphins and this hormone helps to lower body fat, insulin and lipid levels in the bloodstream thus less insulin is converted into body fat.

This business idea may be something for those who are interested in alternative medicine.

Light Theraphy

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It is not uncommon that hotels offer spa services. How about offering light theraphy services?

Light therapy has a history that stretches back to the ancient Greco-Roman times. Studies has shown that when full-spectrum light travels from the eye to the brain, it triggers the hypothalamus to send chemical messengers to regulate the autonomic functions of the body such as blood pressure, breathing, digestion, the immune system, as well as the body’s circadian rhythm. In order to maintain health, it may be important to be exposed to light containing the full wavelength spectrum found in natural light.

If you are interested in introducing this in your spa, you could consider Sunspectra™ 9000 from Sybaritic, Inc. May just be something you need to differentiate yourself from competitors.

EFT – Diet Control Therapy

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Businesses and products that focuses on health and beauty such as slimming programs, weight loss pills, and spas rakes in huge amount of money. The next billionaire will be the person who invents a new age way of promoting health beauty.

Take for example a recent discovery in the field of ‘energy therapy’ that can help overweight individuals manage weight by using a simple acupressure “tapping” method which appears to stop emotionally based overeating quickly and painlessly without the use of any medications.

Developed by three recognized leaders in the field of Energy Psychology, Dr. Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington and Dr. Sandra Radomski, the program makes use of psychological acupressure technique known as “EFT” (short for Emotional Freedom Techniques) that aims to re-program the mind and nervous system to adopt an entirely different attitude toward food. EFT acts to clear these emotional blockages allowing individuals to regain their emotional balance and return to more healthy eating and weight patterns.

I can smell money rolling in for these 3 doctors.

Horse Specialty Shop

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Talking about specialty shop, this company sells everything under the sun for horse care. aims to provide the best discount horse supply and horse care product selections available anywhere. Products range from horse supplements, equine products, tack, vaccines and medicines.

With their centre of operations in Dothan, Alabama, they are one of the largest privately owned catalog and eCommerce animal health supply retailers. Even if you can’t find the horse product you need, you can put in a personal request and their customer service representatives will do their best to meet your needs.

There are many horse owners out there in this region as well that may need this kind of one stop centre. This may be your next breakthrough.

Toilet Perfume

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Business opportunities can come from overcoming everyday problems. Take for instance “Poof”, a toilet deodorizer that eliminates stinking odour after doing your “business”.

A common problem that plagues most people is leaving the toilet smelly after using it especially if the toilet is in someones home. The inventor of Poof overcame this problem by trapping the odors in the water so you don’t just cover up smells but preventing them from escaping from the water. That made them millionaires today.

So, the next time someone complains about something, it may just be another opportunity waiting to be discovered.

Diamond from Human Ashes

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Man-made diamonds aren’t new. They have been synthesized in the lab for some time. However, a company called LifeGem has come up with a unique twist on diamond creation using ashes (both human and animals).

This company is targeting people who want to leave family members a lasting memento, one that’s beautiful and one they can wear all the time. Dozens of stones can be made from one individual. The size selection is currently 0.25 to 1.3 carats, but the company plans to offer larger diamonds in the future.

This is an area of business where you can definitely create a niche for yourself.

Home Decorations

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The market for home decoration is no doubt a growing trend. People are getting more and more into beautifying their homes using antiques, artifacts, paintings and etc.

Consider Mode de Vie, a Malaysian company who has partnered with My Maison, Australia to distribute M Squared range of product. Their focus is on contemporary designed products with over 600 new designs being churned out every year. All products come in limited quantity and with unique shapes. Products that they offer are vases, kitchenware, wall art, sculptures, oil burners, candle holders, photo boxes and etc. All products are also sold at affordable prices.

This is an idea which you can consider but to make your life easier, you can contact Mode de Vie as they are looking for investors.


Transformer Couch

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With the rising cost of living and excalating cost of real estates, people are being forced to move into smaller homes forcing people to use their available space more efficiently using multiple purpose home decorations.

Take for example DOC, a sofa bed that converts in to a bunk bed in two secounds. It furnishes the day area and with a simple movement transforms into a practical ready made bunk bed with integrated supporting ladder and protection guard.

If you are furniture supplier, this maybe a niche that you could focus on.


Air Conditioned Seat Cushion

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In recent times, we spend many hours on our seats. One of the main problems people have is warm seats. A new invention in town aims to tackle this problem.  Introducing  Suzukaze air conditioned seat cushion.

This new air conditioned cushion uses only minimal amount of energy necessary to power a fan in order to provide the ideal cooling level for humans. When the small fan built into the cushion rotates, over 170 liters of air per minute is sent into the cushion dissipating the heat and moisture accumulated around the buttocks.

Now you can blog away with comfort.