Swine Flu T-Shirts

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With the current swine flu epidemic happening, many opportunist and entrepreneurs out there are actually looking at ways to make money. One person’s problem become another person’s opportunity.

Consider an online t-shirt retailer. The company recently launched a website called flushirts.spreadshirt.com.

A great way to catch attention and earn quick money at a rather low cost.

Eco Bricks

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Constructions and new developments are one of the main contributors of greenhouse effects. Authorities  such as the recently launched Green Building Index Malaysia (GBI Malaysia) have started to pressure contractors and developers be have a more sustainable development approach.

In Indonesia for instance, a company called EcoFaeBrick has achieved a significant breakthrough offering bricks that are made of cattle waste (as in cow poo). They claimed that the bricks are  20% lighter compared to the clay brick but 20% stronger in terms of compressive strength. That’s a great way to utilize waste as methane gas from from cattle waste is also major contributor of green house effects.

I can only see more demands for such products in the future so let us not waste time and start out own “Poo” bricks. The process of making these bricks can even help you to lose appetite which means you don’t even need to use any safe appetite suppressants.

Vending Machine Shoes

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To all ladies out there, I am sure most of you wear high heel shoes. High heel shoes looks great but they are not always practical. Sometimes after partying really hard, you wished you had something more comfortable that you can slipped on right away. What if you can buy something comfortable outside a disco club out of a vending machine? Wouldn’t that be great.

Introducing Rollasole. All you need to do is pop in a small amount of money into a vending machine and choose between small (size 3-4), medium (5-6) and large (7-8) in pink, silver or black. A shoe rolled up inside its own bag will be dispensed.

Just imagine you can actually set up this machines outside or inside every club. You might just earn some descent side income.

Husband-Hunting Bra

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With more and more females joining the work force, the average bride continues to increase. People who seeks match-making services are on the rise. Single people are becoming quite desperate in seeking out new ways to get hitched.

What if there is a bra that could help a single female find their partners. Recently launch by Triumph, an international lingerie firm, the “husband-hunting” bra  features a self-set counter which the wearer can set a target time or deadline until marriage and the countdown clock will start. Once the wearer finds a life partner and gets engaged, they will insert the engagement ring into the slot and the clock stop.

If this does not help you to get a husband, I am not sure what else could.

Robot Housekeeper

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When comes to home robots, market acceptance has been slow mainly because their weight and size tend to make them impractical and their clusters of sophisticated motors drive the cost out of reach.  However, a Japanese company has recently launched Nuvo, a home robot that is only 15 inches tall and contains 15 motors.

Nuvo has been marketed as a household helpmate. It can relay photographs to cellphones that have access to the Internet making it a perfect baby monitor and security device. This device priced at USD 7000 is actually quite affordable compare to its predecessors.

It will not be long before someone brings it to your local market so why not be the first?

Meat-Free Fast Food

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This may not be a fresh idea but something worth bringing back. How about a fast food chain that serves only vegetarian food that have the taste, texture and look of meats?

Introducing Zen Burger. They are  revolutionizing the fast food world with natural, wholesome vegetarian foods. They specialize in meatless comfort foods that mimic those sold in traditional fast-food environments, such as the ZenSausage breakfast sandwich, ZenBeef burgers, crispy ZenChicken sandwich, etc. Also available at Zen Burger are organic soups and chili, organic salads and green tea milk shakes.

This is a great way of maintaining a healthy life style. So do diet pills work? Yes, they do but are there better ways to lose weight? The answer is a resounding “Yes” so why not choose to eat your way to a healthier life style.

Mobile Beauty Salon

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I just blogged about Mobile Gym. How about a Mobile Beauty Salon?

Introducing Return to Glory, a mobile beauty salon that brings a wide range of beauty, massage and spa services to clients’ location wherever they are. Whether it’s makeup, hair or nails, customers get to choose the date and time they want, and then view the specialists available to perform the service. Customers get to rate the services online and future customers get to view the results before choosing.

This is just another example of a mobile service. This idea can be replicated to whole lot of other thing e.g. tanning services, dietary services and even cosmetic dental services. Maybe in the near future, Plano Cosmetic Dentist may be operating on wheels instead of stationary clinics.

Mobile Gym

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The gym craze has been invading every part of the town. Fitness centers are sprouting everywhere because there is money to be made. Unfortunately, opening up a gym is never easy as it is capital intensive. For gyms to be successful, one of the key success factors is accessibility.

In Rio de Janeiro, an entrepreneur came up with the idea of a mobile gym. Introducing Bus Bike. Bus Bike is a totally modified bus offering indoor bike classes. Passengers pay a monthly fee to access the gym. The membership includes a personal instructor, overseeing 16 bikes, as well as a dressing room, a fridge, and a sound system.

This is a great way to get some exercise while getting from point A to point B. A better way to lose weight than the best diet pills.

Weight Loss Camp

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It is no surprise that there is money to be made when comes to health especially weight loss reduction programs. If there is a way to help people to lose weight in a fun and entertaining way, I can bet all my money that business will be a huge success.

Consider Camp Shane, a weight loss camp. Camp Shane is a place where girls and boys, teens and young adult women feel comfortable, welcomed and good about themselves. It is managed by a caring community that provides emotional safety and a friendly environment for every child that provides all the support that the kids need.

As a result, the kids achive great weight loss reductions without help from diet pill.

Maybe it is time to start one here.


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It was a while ago I blogged about Smash Shack where customers can actually pay to break things up. Well, that’s another place where you can do so and its called Smash-N-Shatter.

Smash-N-Shatter offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for customers to throw plates, glass and other breakables in a ‘shatter room’ or hit a baseball bat against a wall in the ‘smash room.’ The idea was conceptualized by former software engineer, Paul Brown. 

With so many people facing layoffs and financial challenges, people are looking for ways distress and what is a better way than to provide a safe environment for people do so.

You can come up with many variations for this idea. You can even partner up with junkyards where you can offer people to beat up other people’s unwanted cars. You don’t have to worry about your own car insurance