Gym Card Programs

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Another great business idea started by a local guy. CNergy Fitness is a 1-year card program which allows the members to visit selected gyms in Klang Valley, Malaysia. These gyms include Gold’s Gym, EITP Fitness Sports Image, Fitness Network, Clark Hatch, Fitness Network, Phillip Wain and others. Members are also entitled to some special discounts from selected merchants including Royal Sporting House, GNC, Pathlab, Sports Planet, Summit Climbing Gym and others.

The concept is rather simple. CNergy pays the gyms in advance for usage by buying the “slow days” from each of these gyms. The gyms gain additional income minus promotional or marketing cost to generate more members whereas CNergy do not have expensive overheads of running its own gym.

Now…think what else you can apply this simple concept.


Fractional Ownership Business Ideas

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The concept of fractional ownership is nothing new. Fractional ownership can be defined as collective ownership of an asset.

Consider NetJets, which created the concept of fractional jet ownership. While the convenience and flexibility made sense to own your own plane, the finances didn’t. However, through co-owning, it takes away the financial issues but still offers the same benefits of owning a plane minus the headaches. NetJets also takes the responsibility of hiring pilots, hangaring the aircraft, and maintenance for a fee.

Try thinking of something you can apply the concept of fractional ownership. You may hit a jackpot.


Healthy Fast-Food

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Consumers especially the working crowd are increasingly grabbing something on the run thus providing opportunity for entrepreneurs who can take advantage of this. Consider Pret A Manger, a British fast-food chain that opened in 1988. Pret offers restaurant-quality sandwiches made fresh everyday from only the finest ingredients and makes the food faster than that of a fast food outlet in a sleek setting at reasonable prices. Pret also serves salads, yogurt, juices and sushi.

If you are interested in food business ideas, why not consider this?