Domain Naming Service

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This company offers a domain name-finding service to those who are too lazy to think of their own domain name. This is how the service works. You deposit 50 dollars and tell them about the site you need a name for, what the site does or will do, how many letters or words in the domain you want max and other criterias you want to set. Then they will dispatch this information to their contributors and a list of available domain names will be sent to you via e-mail. If you see a name that’s a perfect match for your website, register it and let them know the domain name. If you don’t like any of the domain names they suggested, they will simply refund your 50 dollars upon your request.

A simple but yet a money generating business idea.


Customized Office Chair

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Talking about niche market, customized office furnitures has a huge market potential.

Consider Biofit, an office furniture manufacturer. BioFit Engineered Products has a website that allows people to buy personalized chair by allowing the buyer to customize the upholstery, the base, the style, the back rest, the seat, arm rest, seat controls, color, just about everything. If you have a need for high quality, comfortable seating or efficient and durable tables, they have a solution to meet your expectations. 

Something every entrepreneurs who have strong interest in furnitures can consider.


Power Tools for Women

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With rise of equality and technology, many women are beginning to penerate into the men’s market. Once seen as careers only for men are slowly diminishing e.g. contractor, technician and roof cleaner. Manufacturing companies who detect this new trend will capitalize on this opportunity.

Take for instance the power tools business. Most power tools that are available in the market caters mainly to men. However, there is one company which actually provides tools for women. The founder, Barbara first designed and launched her initial product line of high quality tools, toolkits and accessories in May, 2003. Working in the construction business taught her that most tools can be challenging for a woman to use and so she designed hery own to better fit a woman’s size and strength. Her tools weigh less and the grips fits better to a woman’s hand. Extra features are built-in to make them better suited for women such as patented spring-loaded handles on pliers and built-in thumb rests on screwdrivers.

This is one example of creative ideas that just require us to think a little harder.


Luxury Bus

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Aeroline is a coach company that brings the standards and comfort of air travel to customers to ground travel. It is the first in the coach industry in Malaysia and Singapore to introduce the online booking concept. It provides convenience by allowing passengers to book trips, seats, meal preferences, manage travel itenerary and view details from the comfort of home. Aeroline also introduced the concept of mobile business lounges on the road, with attentive on-board crew to serve food and drinks and other needs and bringing travellers direct to the desired destination with the most cost and time efficient way possible. With regulated power supply on board, working on electronic devices for extended uninterrupted periods is a breeze on board Aeroline coaches.

Another inovative idea.


Fish Spa

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There is a new kind of spa in town. Patrons will dip their feet into a the fish tank laid into the floor that is filled with a special kind of fish called Garra Rufa. This type of fish is specially imported from Turkey and they actually feed on the human dead skin cells, leaving healthy skin underneath clean and smooth. It is also claimed that sufferers of skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis has benefited from this fish spa treatment.

How weird is that? I wonder whether it is effective when use as an eczema treatment?


Fast Food Concept for Hair Salon

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A new hair salon concept. Quick Cut introduces a faster and cheaper hair cut alternative. At just RM12 (approx USD3.50), Quick Cut offers professional, no frills and quick haircut service that takes no more than 10 minutes per session. As soon as customers enter the shop, they will be directed to slot in RM12.00 into the Payment Terminal. A receipt will be printed and later given up in exchange for a haircut turn. Instead of letting hair trimmings fall to the ground, vacuum technology is used to quickly suck it up thus saving cleaning time.

The next time you are thinking of a business idea, explore ways to reduce time wastages. You may just stumble upon a winning idea.


Hair Vending Machine

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Hair Vending Machine

Vending machine technology has been around for some time but one company actually took this technology to another level. In 2005, Beautiful Vending Ltd came up with the first ever hair-straightening vending machine.

This vending machine is the saviour for your bad hair days. Strategically located at the trendy, popular Pub, Club, Gymnasium and Shopping Centre markets, the vending machine can become a real cash generator. Why didn’t I think of that?


No frills hotel

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Tune Hotel

Tune, a “no-frills” hotel, aims to take advantage of the growing budget or cheap hotels segment.

The hotel offers both single and double rooms. However, in order to keep prices low, amenities such as television, refrigerator, towels, toiletries, private telephone line, wardrobes, safe, gym and breakfast are not included as part of the room charges but are offered as add-ons instead for those who wants them. Facilities that are made available include eateries, 24-hour convenience stores, automated teller machines and internet services which the hotel does not manage but instead are outsourced to external parties.

If you are thinking of setting up a budget hotel, this is definitely something you can think about.