Ceiling Art

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In every home, most home owners pay a lot more detailed attention to walls and floors rather than the ceiling. However, ceiling covers a large part of your home and has been an area where it is often neglected.

Sky Factory, a company that specializes in ceiling decorations has manage to convert this neglected area to an area of opportunity. Their luminous SkyCeiling products can be programmed to display sophisticated lighting to emulate effect of sunrise and sunset transitions, passing cloud shadows, lightning flashes, etc. If you are staying or working in a place where you will not have a luxury to have an actual sky roof e.g. high-rise buildings, this is a fantastic solution because SkyCeiling generates a unique and engaging experience for users that can help to reduce stress and promote comfort.

This is one great way to decorate your ceilings. However, it is important to get products that are asbestos-free as asbestos has been proven to cause Mesothelioma, a form of cancer. If you are unsure about your products, you should consult your Mesothelioma lawyers.

Edible Bugs

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For those who have been to Thailand and visit some of their markets, you may have encountered some rather strange food that to some is considered too barbaric or even crazy. However, if you dare yourself to try it, it does not taste all that bad.

Well…crazy as it may seem, one company has even gone to the extend of making candies out of them. Introducing Hotlix Insect Candies. Their product ranges from Ant Candy, Scorpion Candy, Worm Candy, Chocolate Insect, etc.

Word of advise. Get yourself a long term life insurance first. You might just not make it alive after eating these candies. Just kidding…

Vacuuming Shoes

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Say good bye to traditional Dansko shoes. For those who hates sweeping and vacuuming, there may be a new invention that may be introduced to the market soon that may just make your life much easier. Imagine all you need to do is just walk around and your floor gets cleaned along the way. Home appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, has revealed not too long ago their “vacuum shoe” concept model.  The initial design flooks rather crude but again the main purpose is not to be used outdoor.

For those who are up for the challenge, why not come up with a better design. I will be your first customer 🙂

Eco Furnitures

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Sustainable living is the way that every consumer should be taking more responsibility. The choice they make when they purchase a product will determine and redefine market opportunities. With the growing concern of increasing rate of deforestation, soon, there will be no more trees left standing. Imagine everywhere you turn your head, you see miles and miles of barren lands.

Furniture makers should start thinking proactively on how they could help to safe the planet. Choices they make when selecting raw materials will have a huge impact on changing the mindset of the suppliers. If strategically done, furniture makers could carve themselves a nice niche market that appeals to eco-driven consumer. Take for example Greenandmore.com. They supply eco furniture ranging from patio furniture and patio furniture covers, that are made from reclaimed, sustainable plantation grown teak and recycled resources. They choose manufacturing process that produces minimal impact to eco system.

This is what I call green innovatioon.

Door-to-Door Luggage Delivery Services

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As a frequent business traveler, one of the biggest headache and inconvenience is to have to do packing constantly and carrying luggage everywhere. Entrepreneurs who are quick to see this problem as a business opportunity have started companies to help air travelers avoid the hassles of waits at baggage carousels, searches by security personnel and risk of lost luggage.

Consider FlyLite. The company not only picks up and delivers a member’s bag, but also packs it, dry cleans the contents and keeps everything in storage until the customer’s next flight. Customers receive a suitcase from FlyLite, which they pack with their favorite traveling gear. FlyLite then collects the bag and stores the contents. Customers are able to view the items online allowing users to browse through their wardrobe and select what they’ll need for their next trip. Upon arival, FlyLite delivers right to the customers’ door step. So, whether it is Machu Picchu travel or local travels, FlyLite can take care of your needs. What a cool idea!

Website: FlyLite.com

Flying Gym

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A quick look at Clinicallix reviews will show you how many people out there are still relying on diet pills to reduce weight.  There must be some other more interesting way to lose weight than to pop pills into your mouth everyday.

Just went I thought we have exhausted out ideas on fitness program, Reebok creatively came up with another one. Introducing JUKARI Fit to Fly. Working in collaboration with globally renowned entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, Reebok makes fitness fun again by introducing a new gym workout that combines fun with fitness. It aims to target all women, regardless of fitness levels.

The hour-long workout has been created on a specially designed piece of equipment called the FlySet. The workout gives the sensation of flying while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training.

Let see who is the first one to introduce this workout here.

Water Jetpack

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Looking for something and a little extreme. Why not try the Jetlev Flyer? Jetlev Flyer is a tethered water-powered jetpack. A floating pump powered by a four-stroke engine sends pressurized water through a 140-foot-long hose to a pair of nozzles mounted on the jetpack thus creating enough pressure to lift the jetpack and the rider upwards. Invented by the German company MS Watersports GmbH, the water-pressure-powered JetLev-flyer is selling at $128,000. There will be two versions, one with a 155 HP engine and the other with 215 HP. Top speed of the 215 HP model is expected to easily exceed 40 mph (64 km/h), and flight ceiling will still be restricted to 28 feet (8.5 m) for safety reasons.

This maybe something you can offer as a beach side or lake side entertainment.

Online Baby Shop

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Another online business you can consider during downturn- selling baby merchandises. When comes to babies, all loving parents would want to provide the best for their offspring. With this in mind, even during times are bad, most parents if not all would sacrifice themselves to still provide for their babies.

Consider LittleWhiz.com, they are a Malaysian-based baby & children online store that offers the convenience & comfort of online shopping. They offer a wide range of internationally recognized baby & children products that includes car seats, clothes, Bob stroller, breast pumps, baby mattress, etc.

By offering online services, busy moms can shop from the comfort of their own home and get the merchandise delivered to them. Looks to me like a winning business idea.

Toilet Concept Restaurant

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What can I say, if you every been to T-Bowl restaurant in Queensbay Mall,  Penang, you will not need any appetite suppressant. And you know why? This concept restaurant has something got to do with lots of toilet bowls. Can you imagine yourself eating chocolate ice-cream out of a bowl that shapes like a toilet bowl? Well, apparently the restaurant is attracting lots of patrons that are looking for something more unique.

Typical restaurant chairs are replaced with actual toilet bowls. Some of the food on the menu are made in such a way that it actually looks like real human excreta. Once again, this proves that the human mind can be so creative.

Online Part Time Jobs Search

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With all the retrenchments taking place, many people are left jobless. Most are frantically searching jobs everywhere  and employers are more keen to look for part time contract staff to avoid having to incur fixed cost. Therefore, it has never been a better time for recruitment service agencies to focus on finding part time jobs.

Consider YourPartTime.com.  This Malaysian based company offers an efficient and cost effective part time recruitment medium to help establish contacts between job seekers and employers . Employers register their account with YourPartTime.com and they will get to manage their part timer database effectively through the system. Employers could interact directly with part time job seekers by using the features and application in the system.

A great way to overcome certain difficulties during this troubled times and make job searching easier.