Design-it-online Pants

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Design-it-online services is becoming more popular since the boom of internet. From food to clothing, things can be customized online before actual production and sale. Take for example Franklin + Gower, they let style-savvy men customize their trousers.

Visitors to Franklin + Gower’s website can choose from a wide array of fabric selection and then pick seams in designer fabrics, retro prints or a classic piping of their choice. The pants are then made to order in Los Angeles and flown to respective destinations. That way, customers can get their pants tailored within their own home saving the hassle of traveling. Brilliant!

Cardboard Art

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Who would have thought art pieces made up of cardboard can make such an interesting cardboard displays.Well Mark Langan did. Mark Langan, a corrugated cardboard sculpture takes discarded boxes and upcycles them into stunning works of art.

Using only basic tools such as a cutting knife and non-toxic glue, he painstakingly compiles hundreds of pieces of used cardboard to make his art pieces. The corrugated materials come from his own personal consumption as well as donations from people.

Going green is an in-thing now and I am sure Mark Langan have found his niche where he will excel.

Sun Controlled Shutters

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As more and more people are aware of energy and environmental conservation efforts, products that cater to this market will have tremendous demands and opportunities. One of the most energy consuming appliances in every home and offices is air conditioning. The reason is because in most tropical countries, heat from the sun is transmitted into the building via conduction, convection and radiation. If there are ways to reduce the heat from coming in, the cooling load is also reduced. Therefore the used of exterior shutters is a way to block out the sun rays.

However, we do not want to block out the sun constantly. Therefore, one solution is to use sun-controlled shutters or louvers to address this issue. Imagine the amount of offices and homes that may require this technology. It will be a great way to start your green business.

Swine Flu T-Shirts

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With the current swine flu epidemic happening, many opportunist and entrepreneurs out there are actually looking at ways to make money. One person’s problem become another person’s opportunity.

Consider an online t-shirt retailer. The company recently launched a website called

A great way to catch attention and earn quick money at a rather low cost.

Vending Machine Shoes

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To all ladies out there, I am sure most of you wear high heel shoes. High heel shoes looks great but they are not always practical. Sometimes after partying really hard, you wished you had something more comfortable that you can slipped on right away. What if you can buy something comfortable outside a disco club out of a vending machine? Wouldn’t that be great.

Introducing Rollasole. All you need to do is pop in a small amount of money into a vending machine and choose between small (size 3-4), medium (5-6) and large (7-8) in pink, silver or black. A shoe rolled up inside its own bag will be dispensed.

Just imagine you can actually set up this machines outside or inside every club. You might just earn some descent side income.

Customized Playhouse

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I remember when I was little, I always loved having my very own playhouse in the garden. Kind of like my secret hide out where I can act out my fantasy world without my mother breathing down my neck. Now, you can purchase playhouses in any children’s toy shops.

A new product from the Netherlands takes the market one step further allowing kids to become playhouse designers by creating their own one-of-a-kind playhouses. QB Playhouse is completely customizable allowing your kids to to pick their own colours and patterns for doors, windows and siding. Buyers can even upload their own patterns and designs.

This is a sure way to draw differentiate yourself among the many providers of playhouse. So, for those who just had their baby announcements, this may be something to brighten up your kids life when their time comes.

Ceiling Art

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In every home, most home owners pay a lot more detailed attention to walls and floors rather than the ceiling. However, ceiling covers a large part of your home and has been an area where it is often neglected.

Sky Factory, a company that specializes in ceiling decorations has manage to convert this neglected area to an area of opportunity. Their luminous SkyCeiling products can be programmed to display sophisticated lighting to emulate effect of sunrise and sunset transitions, passing cloud shadows, lightning flashes, etc. If you are staying or working in a place where you will not have a luxury to have an actual sky roof e.g. high-rise buildings, this is a fantastic solution because SkyCeiling generates a unique and engaging experience for users that can help to reduce stress and promote comfort.

This is one great way to decorate your ceilings. However, it is important to get products that are asbestos-free as asbestos has been proven to cause Mesothelioma, a form of cancer. If you are unsure about your products, you should consult your Mesothelioma lawyers.

Eco Furnitures

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Sustainable living is the way that every consumer should be taking more responsibility. The choice they make when they purchase a product will determine and redefine market opportunities. With the growing concern of increasing rate of deforestation, soon, there will be no more trees left standing. Imagine everywhere you turn your head, you see miles and miles of barren lands.

Furniture makers should start thinking proactively on how they could help to safe the planet. Choices they make when selecting raw materials will have a huge impact on changing the mindset of the suppliers. If strategically done, furniture makers could carve themselves a nice niche market that appeals to eco-driven consumer. Take for example They supply eco furniture ranging from patio furniture and patio furniture covers, that are made from reclaimed, sustainable plantation grown teak and recycled resources. They choose manufacturing process that produces minimal impact to eco system.

This is what I call green innovatioon.

Pre-Cut Decors

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With people flocking to buy IKEA’s furniture and fixings, there are many opportunities for ready-made decorations to customize their IKEA furniture to make it their own using decorative surface coverings.

Sydney-based Grippiks sells adhesive sheets in a variety of bright colours and patterns for use on the surfaces of many models of IKEA furniture. Made from a plastic-based film that grips surfaces using micro suction rather than sticky adhesive, the sheets are easy to position, reposition and remove without bubbles or sticky residue. A Grippiks sheet are pre-cut to just the right sizes for some of IKEA’s most popular items table, cabinets, audio racks, etc.

A simple idea that rides the waves of other successes.

Paternal DNA Testing

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There are many people out there with questions related to biological relationships have been searching for quick a reliable way to identify relationships such as paternity, grand-parentage or sibling-ship. Those who can offer quick, accurate and private services will soon be covering a special niche that is currently still quite untapped.

DNA paternity testing is the most powerful and accurate method of determining parentage. Consider Identigine. Their laboratory offers a complete array of services extends from paternity testing to forensic testing and family reconstruction. They have even partnered up with Walgreen, America’s Largest Drug Store Chain selling their DNA paternity test kit over-the-counter being the first DNA test kit to ever be sold over-the-counter.

I am sure Identigene is cashing in big right now.