Quartz Kitchen Top

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I believe most of you are familiar with Granite or resin material that are used for kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Have you heard of quartz material that are used for kitchen tops?

Founded in 1987 in the US, CaesarStone was an early pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. CaeserStone is basically made of 93% crushed quartz which is one of nature’s hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. Used together with kitchen or bathroom sinks, it adds a touch of elegance to the design.

Currently, this material is relatively new in Malaysia. For those who are in the carpentry and bathroom refurbishment business, maybe this is something for you to offer to your clients.

Hula Chair

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There are many ways to lose weight. One of the many natural fat burner is actually water. Research has shown that by drinking lots of water (cold water) you actually burn more fat. But if you are looking at something more fun, maybe you can consider the Hula Chair.

The hula chair allows you to literally sit and be fit with motions that cause the chair to move in an elliptical manner, bringing your body with it. It has been said to tone the abs, and midsection and is apparently all the rage in Japan. Not only can you lose inches by using the Hula chair but you will also be improving your balance and circulation with the regular movements.

Hahaha…this is actually quite funny.

Underground Hotel

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With land become more scarce especially in urbanized area, building new building on land seems to become tougher without demolishing old building. Countries such as Singapore has spend huge amount of money reclaiming land. The question is do we have an alternative. I believe I have stumbled upon a revolutionary idea. What if we can build home or even hotels underground.

Apparent in London, a subterranean London hotel is going to put all 200 guest rooms beneath the surface of a former golf course. Designed by ReardonSmith Architects, the aims is to preserve the appeal of its Green Belt location while at the same time offering a full range of luxury spa, hotel, and golf accommodations.

Some of you may not like this idea as a holiday retreat. Well… you can always consider orlando vacations.

Female Car Accessories

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For all cars enthusiasts out there, car modifications is part of growing up. Especially for all the guys out there, I am pretty sure that most of you out there has done some changes to your car either major or minor modifications.

Well most car accessory providers target male customers. In my opinion, there are potential is the female market segment. Consider Me-mo,they have fantastic car accessories for ladies, ranging from seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear knobs decorated with Swarovski crystals, and etc. Come to think of it, you can start any type of car specialty shops as long as you know what market you are targeting. It could very well be a specialty shop that sells truck accessories and customized items.

Shower Timer

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One of God’s greatest gift is the gift of water, without which no living things can thrive. So, wouldn’t it be silly if we were to waste such wonderful gift even though at the present moment we have plenty. Just imagine certain continents are so dried up that they wish they have som water, even greywater.

Personally, I am really into things that can help reduce wastage. Let me introduce you to Efergy’ Shower Timer. This green plastic gadget tells you how much water you’re using in the shower and warn you with an alarm for those who want to set limits. You’ll  end up conserving water and save money.

So to all of you out there, start saving water or else every Friday will be a Black Friday. For entrepreneurs, add this into your list of 2010 business opportunities.

Employee Gadget Tracker

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Not too sure whether if everyone will love this but Phlips has come up with a gadget (DirectLife) that can track employee movement. It is marketed as a health tracker to help people adopt a more active lifestyle by monitoring their movement and motivating them in their daily activities.

DirectLife is based around a wearable device that uses a 3D digital accelerometer to track a person’s movements. The data is then uploaded via USB to a personal web-page. The user could set daily targets or goals and these results are then matched against these targets. The user is provided with a personal coach, on a subscription basis who will interact with users through the online portal.

Not too sure how true is this but Philips is claiming that the system reduce absenteeism and health costs. Well… I would have been very happy if my past employer provided me with an ellipticals machine or a gym subscription.

Medicine Vending Machines

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Well… I must say the guy who came up with this is a genius. InstyMeds, a US startup, has devised a great way to dispense prescription drugs easier and cheaper. With the shortage of doctors and pharmacists in the country, this machine will help improve efficiency and lower costs.

The vending machines are designed to be placed in doctors’ offices, clinics, emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities. Each machine can hold medications that can range from pills to drops to creams and so forth.  All the patient needs to do is relatively simple. They enter their prescription number and birthday via a user-friendly touchscreen monitor. They can make payments either by cash or credit cards to cover the bill. For those who are covered by their companies, the bill will send directly to their companies.

Come to think of it, this machine could also be used to dispense non-prescription drugs for example Medicare supplement.

Home Sharing

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For those who loves traveling and holidaying, the cost of accommodations can really burn hole in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be great if there are some cheaper options available to you.

Well, a company called Second Porch came up with an interesting idea to capitalize on Facebook users to list and rent vacation homes through the popular social network. Through Second Porch, Facebook members can list vacation properties for rent or trade . Users can control whether their ad is visible to everyone on the network, or just their friends. Listing a home is free, and those looking for a place can search by map, location, amenities, price or relationship. Not only are they able to see the “face behind the place,” as Second Porch puts it, but they can also view detailed descriptions and photos along with comments from past guests.

So anybody has a home to trade in Florida. Thinking of florida vacations right now.

Green Box Rental

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“Why are we cutting down  trees to make a cardboard box that’s used once, maybe twice, to just throw it away in a landfill?”, says Spencer Brown founder of Rentagreenbox.com.

You know what, he does make a lot of sense but often we do not realize how much  rubbish do we throw out on a daily basis.generating massive quantities of waste, that ultimately ends up in a landfill.

Spencer;s idea is remarkably simple. He has re-invented the cardboard moving box from 100% hard to recycle plastic trash mined from local landfills. His invention is called The Recopack is available in 3 sizes and delivered direct to your door on theirfleet of super green eco-trucks powered by waste vegetable oil and bio-fuel. They deliver them a week before you move and pick them up a week after giving you 2 full weeks (14 days) to pack and move.

In my opinion every cross country moving companies should make this green box mandatory.

Biggest Loser

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Why not lose weight and get famous at the same time? For those who have not heard of a TV program called “The Biggest Loser”, you may need to start to watch more TV. Basically the program is an American reality television show is about who can lose the most weight given the limited time.

Contestants are grouped into teams and each team is assigned a personal trainer. The trainers are responsible for designing and teaching to the contestants comprehensive workout plans and nutrition plans. The contestants, may decide how discipline they want to be when following the plans. The season starts with a weigh-in to determine the contestants’ starting weights. Each week culminates in another weigh-in to determine which team has lost the most weight for that week, in percentage of total weight lost. The team that has lost the lower percentage during that week must vote off one member of the team.

And obviously cheating by means of using weight loss pills are strictly not allowed.