Indoor Water Conservation Kit

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Water is precious to all living things. Efforts to conserve water is important not only because it helps to preserve the environment but helps you to reduce your monthly utility cost. About 30% of a family’s total indoor water consumption is used in the shower.

Companies who is going into the business of conserving the environment is not just helping to make the world a greener place but is definitely going to make lots of money.  Consider Niagara Conservation. Their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality of water and energy conservation products and solutions by delivering innovative and cutting edge products at reasonable prices.

The next Bill Gates will be the person who is a green entrepreneur so wait no more.

Air to Water

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A new home appliance is promising to make it possible to convert outdoor air into fresh water every day. Introducing Watermill, a product that is developed and marketed by Element Four, a marketing and Research and Development company focused on the development of atmospheric water generators.

With some parts of the world having limited source of water, this may be an antidote to the shortage of clean drinking water in the world. The WaterMill has the look of a futuristic air conditioner and the ability to condense, filter and sterilize water for about 3 cents per quart. 

Definitely a new age drinking water system.


Pre-Chewed Pencils

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To all parents out there. Do you have problems with your kids’ bad habits of chewing up pencils? Well…fear no more, a rather innovative company actually came up with the idea of selling pre-chewed pencils.

No kids want to actually chew up pencils which looked rather nasty. This way, that will actually prevent them from chewing the pencil. For you entrepreneurs out there, this is just one solution. There could be many more ideas. Maybe coat the pencil with a nasty flavour that leaves an unpleasant after taste.


Knitting Community

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There is a new trend in town. Little kids, baby boomers and seniors are coming back to the knitting craft but the upswing in knitting is fueled by college-age people. It is becoming the hip thing to do now. The retro movement is on the rise bringing back elements from the 60s and 70s. More and more people want to do something with their hands and have a finished product. People are claiming that knitting helps to distress while having fun at the same time.

With new trends come new opportunities. Combining a retro art and modern day Internet technology, entrepreneurs can take this opportunity to create something unique for themselves.

Consider Ravelry, an online knitting community that provides information to their members and also provides hobbyist an online meeting place.


Artistic Helmet

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With more people demanding unique products, personalized or customized design items are becoming sort-after items. Everything and anything that can be personalized has a market for it and with the help of the Internet, the entry barrier to business is significantly lowered.

Another great idea on how a simple item such as motorcycle helmets can be personalized to help you earn more compare to just selling ordinary helmets. For those who have some killer airbrush skills, this may be your golden ticket to  hotel las vegas.

Fashion Retailer Entrepreneur

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Not too long ago, I wrote about a company called InQBox, a retail outlet that rent out space for minipreneurs. Another company has followed the same footpath but this time the focus is placed on fashion designers instead.

Beehive Co-op strives to nurture the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of emerging designers by providing retail space for budding fashion designers to display their work. The designers do not have to fork out large initial investment to open up their store. The retails space also comes with retail assistants that provides sales support that drives down operating costs for new start-ups. Beehive even offer online shop to attract online shoppers.

Another great idea that might just work for some of you. 


Online DIY Shop

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With more and more people getting into DIY, there is a growing trend in online searches looking for information on DIY (Do-it-yourself). Hardware stores and suppliers are joining in the Internet bandwagon to start capturing these online shoppers. From building materials, construction tools, solar panels and spring plungers, these online entrepreneurs tapped into a huge market without the need to physical open stores that will increase operating cost thus driving down profits.  

Consider online mega-hardware stores such as “Do It Best”. They have everything that you need for DIY making it a one stop center. So to all hardware suppliers out there, wait no more.


Private Jet Services

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If you like the idea of being a pilot and do not want to fly a commercial plane, every considering opening up your very own private jet services?

Consider VistaJet charter services that operates from SkyPark Fixed Base Operation (FBO) in Subang, Malaysia. They are offering private jet services for clients who shun the hassles of commercial travel in favour of simplicity, comfort and exclusivity. Malaysia and Asia’s high flyers will now be able to travel to any destination around the world in absolute confidence, convenience, comfort and privacy.

So businessman out there, start packing your luggage and travel the VistaJet way.

Concierge Service for Mum

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There are many mums out there who needs an extra pair of hands at times. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see another niche business being created. Launched by UK based “Consider It Done”, Mummy PA offers concierge service for desperate moms and dads.

Mummy PA offers help with tasks such as buying presents, ordering flowers or organizing travel plans, Mummy PA works remotely to give clients as much free time as possible. They offer plans that provides eight hours of service per month.

With more parents unwilling or unable to give up their careers to look after their children, Mummy PA has tapped into an exciting niche. So don’t wait. Start your own home-based concierge service. For dads out there, maybe this might give you a chance to grab your golf bags for a round of golf on a Sunday morning.