Ghost Tours

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Some of you may just have a thing for the spooky and the supernatural world. If you are that person, why not consider running your very own Ghost Tours.

Consider Mercat Tours in Edinburgh. They provide the best Ghost and History tours in Scotland specializing in walking tours around Edinburgh’s Old Town featuring the most haunted locations, the scariest stories and most spectacular candlelit underground vaults.

Tours run all year round and even run private tours for groups which requirements can be tailor made. Founded in 1985 with an employment of around ten permanent staff, they provide 12 tours daily in high season and 8 in low season.


Leech Therapy

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Leeches have been used to treat patients for centuries. There are approximately 600 leech species which have been identified to date but only about 15 are used in medicine.

Leech therapy has been used in European countries since 18th and 19th centuries. Today, doctors use leeches for treating abscesses, painful joints, glaucoma, myasthenia, and to heal venous diseases and thrombosis. Medical leeches are used in plastic surgery, for improving brain circulation and for curing infertility. Some even claim that this could be an alternative acne treatment.

Potentially, this could be a business opportunity for those who are interested in alternative medicine.


Junk Removal

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If you have a thing for helping people to move stuff, why not consider running a junk removal service business.

Take for example 1-800-GOT-JUNK a canadian company. It started back in the late nineteen eighties by two university students. They help people to remove things they don’t need. That means they take away almost anything – from old furniture, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris. Service will be charged based on volume of junk being removed.

Look at this way, another opportunity here is the possibility of selling some of this junks away either through a garage sale or a second-hand item dealer. In other words, you have two potential source of income. Not bad at all for a garbage collector.


Creative Drinks

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The next time you are thinking of starting your own brand of drinks, why not come up with something unique.

Consider a Singaporean company who came up with the concept of packaging the drinks with a unique concept such that every beverage has a generic design with no way of telling what flavour is contained in the can. Therefore, the consumers have no idea what flavour they bought until they drink it.

The drinks are are simply labelled as  “Anything” which is carbonated that comes in six flavours and “Whatever” which is non-carbonated and is also made in six flavours.

A very interesting marketing concept indeed.


Get Paid to Nag

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So…are you annoying, irritatingly bothersome, constant source of annoyance or just have love to piss people off? There might just be a business for you. Why not make something money by just nagging?

Welcome to the world of cyber nagging. Consider Nagmenow, a company that takes over the dreaded task of getting someone to do something that they are reluctant to do e.g. lose weight, quit smoking, fix the leaky tap or whatever you can think of.

Now, that’s what I call making use of your talent.


Pet Rental

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If you have a love for pets or currently running a pet shop, why not consider renting out your pets instead of just selling them. Think of it this way, if people would rent houses, cars and other stuff, why not pets.

There are many people out there who loves pets but do not have dedicated time to take care of pets especially for busy business executives. However, they might toy with the idea of having pets when they are less busier or on holiday.

Consider Flexpetz, a company which started offering a shared dog ownership concept that provides their members with access to a variety of dogs. All dogs has completed obedience training and some dogs are also certified as therapy dogs.

So pet shop owners, what are you waiting for?


Hosting Cool Parties

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If you have a thing for parties, why not try organizing a Murder Mystery Party?

The founder of Murder Mystery Maniacs, Inc started the business of holding Murder Mystery Party back in May 2003.  The idea sprouted after having attended countless uninteresting corporate events and birthday parties. After much thought and countless trials, they decided to offer a selection of mystery parties for guests.

Now, they offer over 40 scenarios, have had 4000 hosts, and had 40,000 guests attend an event.

Why not start your very first Muder Mystery Party?


Pet Hotel

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Speaking about luxury hotels, how about hotels for pets? The Pet Hotel operating in Singapore is the biggest kennel service provider in Singapore. They claim to be the only boarding kennel in Singapore to be accredited by the American Boarding Kennel Association and also esteem member of the Independent Pets & Animal Transport Association International.

Pet Hotel provides a wide and flexible array of services ranging from basic boarding to a full spa get-away. They even offer import and export services, grooming services, pet taxi and ambulance services and not missing out also cremation services.

There is huge potential in pet business. Definitely something worth exploring.


Robots at Home

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A new frontier has arrived. Robots replacing humans doing household work. An innovative company came up with the idea of using robots to do common household work that seems and making a difference in people’s lives. Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists, iRobot Corp. has sold millions of consumer robot helping people to do tedious household work such as vacumming, mopping, sweeping and etc.

Let see what else will be coming up next.


Instant Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathrooms and toilets is definitely one important area in a house. Because of this, many remodeling companies has offered services to make your bathrooms and toilets more comfortable. 

An innovative company has redefined the meaning of bathroom remodeling. Instead of tearing up old bath tubs and shower bases, Re-Bath system fits over your existing tubs and bases giving it a new look. Re-Bath system is made of hardy material that will not fade, chip, rust or peel making it long lasting.

Maybe this concept will give you a spark of innovation for your next business idea.