Home Car Lifts

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You might have seen car lifts being used at automotive workshops, have you seen car lifts being used at home? If not, maybe it is an area you can explore as a business opportunity.

Consider Carlift.ca, a company that provides a solution to small garages and car porches. Carlift.ca came up with an innovative idea to use a hydraulic lift to create more parking space. The technology isn’t complicated. A small electric motor operates a hydraulic pump that moves the hoist up and down.

Look around your neighborhood. If the houses has small car porches and garages, this may just be something that may work.

Professional Project Manager

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During the times of uncertainty, it is best to equip oneself with useful skills that will increase your personal value do that in the event of retrenchment, you will stand a higher chance of being the last one to be retrenched or if you are retrenched, you will stand a better chance being re-employed by prospective employers. Or with some skills, you can even set up your very own practice or firm. One such useful skill is project management skills.

It is highly sort after in every organizations as many organizations embark on projects on a regular basis. Unlike some skills, project management skills are not confined to a specific industry. A project manager is responsible for the leadership of the project from inception to completion. The project manager leads the team and helps negotiate the multiple relationships within any project, whether with clients, team members, firm principals or any variety of partners and functions as the hub of a project.

If you want to become a professional project manager, make sure you obtain credentials from Project Management Institute (PMI). You can even obtain online Project Management certificate.

Hawaii Obama Tour

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With Obama’s historic win, some entrepreneurs are cashing in quickly. Consider Obamatourhawaii.com. The organization has been serving the visitor industry since 1992. “Guides of Oahu” provides a unique twist on the standard Island tour as you traverse the leeward coast in the shadow of Diamond Head and the Ko’olau Mountains, tracing the footsteps of the local boy who became President.


The tour explores Barack Obama’s roots to find out who and what influenced his values, viewpoints, passions and policies. You get to see where Obama used to hang out, play basketball, see movies, where he went to school, and where he got his first job. His 2 1/2-hour tour costs $40, so depending the number of tourists he has, he earns quite a decent income.


Maybe you can start something similar with your local figure heads. Just food for thoughts…

Pasty Chef

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Culinary professionals are always in demand due to the needs of the F&B industry. If you are good, you will make good money in no time. So if you are thinking of becoming a pastry chef but has no idea how to even begin, you can consider attending a pastry making class.

Consider Ecole de Patisserie (School of Pastry). Ecole de Patisserie offers an intensive and hands-on course allowing students to master the techniques of classic patisserie.  This course aims to enable students to understand the developments of baking, food productions and techniques involved in pastry making. Students will be exposed to an array of classic and contemporary French desserts, advanced techniques in chocolate and sugarwork by EDP’s team of experienced chefs. 

Now… go fulfill your dream.

 Website: www.ecoledepatisserie.com 

Toymaker – Rubik’s 360

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If you think becoming a toymaker is bad idea, think again. Consider the success of the Rubik’s cube, Professor Erno Rubik, is set to repeat the success with the Rubik’s 360.

The reclusive Hungarian inventor hopes to recreate the buzz of Rubik’s Cube with his new game, featuring six balls trapped within three transparent plastic spheres, confronts users with the same frustrating challenge. Players must get the coloured balls from an inner sphere into matching slots on the outer sphere by shaking them through a middle sphere that has only two holes.

If you have the thing for puzzle, why not invent your own puzzle game and sell it for big money.

Eco Adventure – Skytrex

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With Malaysia being one of the countries with large coverage of forest reserves, there are many business opportunities there if you explore further. Consider Skytrex Adventure located in Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian Shah Alam) located in Shah Alam.

This brand new activity revitalises the park’s long forgotten attraction as the Malaysia’s first agricultural park (built 1986) and quite possibly the world’s largest at 1290 hectares. Skytrex is a combination of everything, from canopy walking to tarzan-swinging, gliding, crawling, etc. All this is done at a height of 22meters off the ground.

If you want some fun during your off days, challenge yourself to Skytrex Adventure but don’t forget to buy your travel health insurance first.

Paternal DNA Testing

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There are many people out there with questions related to biological relationships have been searching for quick a reliable way to identify relationships such as paternity, grand-parentage or sibling-ship. Those who can offer quick, accurate and private services will soon be covering a special niche that is currently still quite untapped.

DNA paternity testing is the most powerful and accurate method of determining parentage. Consider Identigine. Their laboratory offers a complete array of services extends from paternity testing to forensic testing and family reconstruction. They have even partnered up with Walgreen, America’s Largest Drug Store Chain selling their DNA paternity test kit over-the-counter being the first DNA test kit to ever be sold over-the-counter.

I am sure Identigene is cashing in big right now.

Website: www.dnatesting.com

Micro-Wind Turbine

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On the topic of renewable energy, a collaborative effort between the University of Hong Kong and Motorwave Limited has launched a new development in micro-wind turbine technology that can be placed above houses and building. These micro-wind turbines can start generating electricity at wind speeds as low as 2 meters per second.

These micro-wind turbines are specially designed using plastic gearwheels with diameter of just 26cm making it much smaller when compared to traditional wind turbines. The gearwheels are linked together and users can choose the numbers of gearwheels they want and determine the size of their wind turbines according to their energy needs and the space they have on their balconies or rooftops.

Now, people living and working in urban environment can get their hands on wind technology. What a neat idea.

Funky Artificial Trees

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Artificial trees do not have to be boring and dull looking. They can be made to look cool, funky and even fashionable to suit whatever interior designs you have.

Consider Treetopia™ where innovative artificial trees are being born. Their funky Christmas trees comes in different designs ranging from “Tuxedo Black”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Winter White”, “Bedford Falls”, and “Balsam Spruce”. Imagine all other types of trees besides Christmas trees that this idea can be adopted. You might even consider creating your very own artificial flowering trees. Great way to decorate your homes without the hassle of caring for it.