New Age Halloween Costume

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Halloween costume is not just about dressing up as your favourite superheroes or supervillains. Now you can even dress up as your favourite politician. Not too sure how many people actually wants to dress up as Obama but it seems that sales is quite encouraging according to Wal-Mart.

Smart Pools

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We have a situation whereby there are many house owners who loves to have a swimming pool in their homes but do not have sufficient space to built one. This company in Malaysia actually came up with an innovative idea to meet this demand.

Introducing the SmartPool, a new innovation in fitness. Calling it the Swimming Treadmill, it features a smooth, adjustable current (Laminar Propulsion System™ – a volume driven propulsion system) that allows the swimmer to swim in a smooth, non turbulent current allowing the swimmer to swim in the same place just as a running treadmill allows you to run. It is totally adjustable in speed and due to the size, it can be installed indoor or outdoor.

What a great idea.


Aquarium Designer

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Aquarium fish are the third most popular pet, with only cats and dogs proving to be more popular companions. With the right designs, aquariums can make quite a unique piece of decoration whether in the office or at home.

Selecting the right aquarium can seem a daunting task and therefore, there are people out there who are willing to pay big bucks to get it done. There are companies which are already other there that is capitalizing on this opportunity and Unique aquarium is one of it. They even offer comprehensive guides about maintaining aquatic systems for freshwater as well as saltwater marine and invertebrates.

So if you are into fishes, why not consider to become an aquarium designer and solutions provider?

Extreme Holidays

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Mix extreme sports and great destinations, what you get is “Extreme Holidays”.

Often you get travel agencies that focuses more on the scenic tours. However, for those who are in for something little more adventurous, there are gaps to be filled. Those who can fill these gaps will be able to make some good money.

There are companies out there that are already tapping into this market. Take for instance Each year, they help over 2 million visitors find the adventure holiday and experience they are searching for. Some of the adventures that they offer includes expedition through Africa, surfing in Maldives,  wakeboarding lesson in Poole and Aerobatic Flying.

Before signing up for any of these extreme holidays, don’t forget to buy your travel insurance.


Customize Steering Wheel

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Another business that focuses on offering customized products as a form of differentiation to fight off competition. Who could have thought that by just selling steering wheels, one can make it so big.

Take a look at Grant Products,  a company that offers complete line of custom steering wheels and accessories. Grant steering wheels are designed and made for the automotive aftermarket, racing, golf cars, the marine industry, heavy duty trucks, and many more. Their steering wheels add personal style to a wide range of vehicles that help express you to express your individual personality.

So the next time you want to change the look of your BMW steering rack, why not pay Grant a visit. 


Customized Swing Set

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There are many suppliers of wooden swing sets out there but CedarWorks offers something that is quite unique that differentiates themselves from their competitors.

CedarWorks uniqueness is in the way that the company involves the customers in the product design to create a a custom swing set that perfectly matches a family’s needs. By choosing from among their different categories of swing sets and an unmatched selection of accessories, customers can have a piece of mind that they will find the perfect backyard play set for their family. In the end, the result will be happy customers and you know very well what happy customers can do for your businesses.


Islamic Swimwear

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Many sports manufacturer makes lots of money selling swimwears. Consider high-tech swimsuits manufacturer such as Speedo’s new LZR Racer, Arena, Adidas and Mizuno, research and development has helped them elevate their brand names to new heights. Many high fashion brands churn out sexy swimwear to capture some of this lucrative market.

However, there is much potential in modest swimwears that targets the Muslim community. At example of companies who is quitely earning money selling Islamic swimwear is Bestburkini which provides full covered modest islamic swimwear to accord with aurat rule. Better known as burkini or burqini, it comes in different sizes, designs, and fitting with detachable head cover for extra modesty.

So, to all fashion designers out there. Start carving yourself a niche here.


Hobby Engineering

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If you have strong interest in electronics, why not start a store that provides all kinds of supplies for people who want to build robots, electronic gadgets, or anything else that moves, beeps or flashes?

Consider VEKIT, an online shop that provides educational science and electronic kits to schools, students and hobbyists. Their emphasis is  to provide learning using the most exciting way through hands on explorations and experiments. Definitely a better way to learn electronics.


Bereavement Care Services

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Ever thought of starting a business that caters for the families of the recently departed? 

Consider Xiao En Group, a multicultural investment group that has more than 20 subsidiary companies with a wide array of industries including memorial parks management, bereavement care services, education, property development, food and beverage, tourism, tourist development, finance and accounting services.

Xiao En Bereavement Care takes care of all funeral planning needs with products and services ranging from mourning uniforms, prayer services, praying materials, video services, and etc creating a one-stop solution center. 

One word, “Wow…”. I only hope the cost of engaging them does not come up to a price of a Patek Philippe.

Hotels for Babies

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For all parents out there, in times of emergencies, sometimes you may just need someone to take care of your kids for just a short period of time while you take care of business. Unfortunately not every time you are able to leave with someone that you can trust. What if there is a business service out there that can take care of this for you.

Consider “The BABY HOTEL”. Its is a specialized facility for babies and up to toddlers of three years. They operation runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means you can practically leave your kids anytime in times of desperation.

Its time to revolutionize the day-care business.