Sky Vegetables

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As urbanization takes place at an alarming rate, land has become more scarce. The population growth has been been increasing exponentially at many large cities and this gives rise to the need for more food. With higher demand of food, it only means that more land space is required to produce them. In many urban cities, land is a luxury. Farms are getting further and further from cities which means transportation costs and carbon emission increases. However, one company decides to take on this challenge by coming up with a very interesting and workable solution.

Introducing Sky Vegetables, an innovative, urban agriculture company dedicated to building sustainable, commercial-scale hydroponic farms on urban rooftops across America. These sky farms will not only produce food but will also help to cool down building as heat is absorbed by plants and not transmitted into building. Imagine having a farm on top of buildings in your areas, wouldn’t that be just great? Sky farmers can provide free directory of vegetables they grow on the building online so that consumers can locate the right building.

Swiftlet Farming

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The insatiable appetite of Chinese everywhere for bird’s nest has spawned a multi-million ringgit swiftlet farming business in Malaysia. For centuries, chinese has been been eating a special bird nest that is actually made of bird saliva from Aerodramus Fuciphagus species of swiftlet. Recognized for its health and wellness benefits in Chinese medicine, the Chinese has been using it traditionally for generations as a health tonic, by pregnant women, women after giving birth, for digestion and for lung ailments. It is also believed to regenerate the skin and prevent premature aging.Some cosmetic companies in Asia are also using birds nest in their masks to treat the skin. Sheet masks soaked in birds nest when applied to the face will leave the skin glowing, has anti aging benefits, moisturizes and also used for acne treatment. So what exactly is swiftlet farming?

Originally, bird nests are collected from caves but entrepreneurs have found a better way to harvest them more effectively. Swiftlet farmers have converted shop lots into cave-like environment to attract these swiftlets. Bird nests collected in such premises are much cleaner then those from the caves, thus cutting down on cleaning cost. Swiftlet farmers claim that break-even is within two years. Look into this if this is something for you.

Backyard Farming Consultant

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If growing food has been a passion of yours for as long as you can remember, why not help others  with their journey in food production. Consider They make a living by teaching others to grow food in their backyards the organic way. As you know, organic food is much healthier but it comes with a price. Therefore, a great way to  save money is to grow your own food. Unfortunately not many people have the know-hows.

Look at it this way. While doing this, you can even take the opportunity to sweat it out thus cutting down your reliance on alli diet pills. So if you have green fingers, start making money by being a Backyard Farming Consultant.