New Age Motor Home

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One thing we don’t see at all here in the South East Asia region is motor homes. But in the United States, due to large land coverage and long distances between cities, it makes sense to have motor homes where you can pull over at strategic spots for a night rest without needing to pay for hotel services.

However, one minor set back is that motor homes are rather bulky making travel between short distances a little nuisance. So, its no wonder why Christian Susana of Germany came up with this concept of a motor home with a detachable front car for tooling around on day trips making it also easier for motorhome towing.

Colim, which stands for Colors of Life in Motion has a detachable cockpit that has a top speed of 90 mph and the entire shebang can sleep four. It’s apparently more fuel-efficient than a traditional motor home, too. Currently, Colim is still is not manufactured yet.

Designer Face Mask

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Swine flu or AH1N1 virus continues to spread claiming more claiming more lives. The urgent need for face mask has created a shortage in the market thus increasing the price. Malaysian government has decided to step in making it a controlled item.

The current face mask that is being used are the typical blue surgical-style face mask. Therefore, it is not a surprise that top designers are offering high fashion alternatives to the common face mask. For example, Louis Vuitton is offering facemasks with his trademark print.  The masks are made of Italian leather, Egyptian cotton, and the finest Kentucky charcoal.

In Japan, designer face mask is already very popular. So for all fashion enthusiast out there, maybe this is an opportunity for you to make some money. An added value is that for those with acne problems, you can use the face mask to cover up your problems instead of using Pronexin.

Flying Taxi

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The future of public transportation is here. What if there is an aircraft that is capable of  taking off and landing in short distances?

Introducing “The Jetpod” the future of air travel. Jetpod is a Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing (VQSTOL) light twin-jet aircraft which can cruise at 300 knots (350 mph, 550 kmh) and requires just 125 metres to take-off or land using a combination of horizontal and vertical thrust. There’s room for eight people and the cabin height is 1.82 metres throughout while the cabin width is 1.55m which also extends throughout.

This vehicle is still going through a trial test but if this is a success, it will make way for a new kind of air travel.

Pay to Break

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Not too long ago I blogged about Sarah’s Smash Shack, which was conceived to relieve people who are stressed-out by allowing customers to break stuff in a safe environment. The shack has actually helped quite a few customers to vent their frustrations out thus releasing tension. The only think wrong with this idea is that the act of smashing up items can be wasteful.

My idea is a slight modification of the Smash Shack. Everywhere you go, you will see houses undergoing renovation. Where there is renovation going on, there is bound to have something that needs to be hacked or removed e.g. kitchen cabinets, brick walls and sanitary wares. Why not partner up with a contractor to allow customers to go in to smash things up for free? From the way I look at it, its a win-win situation. The contractor can get things done quicker and the customers get to relieve their stress. Make sure you don’t do this to a new home or else your home insurance will not cover for the damages.

Virtual Suggestion Box

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Getting employees feedback and suggestions is no easy task. Companies have been trying to get their people to contribute ideas to the company as most employees have great ideas but do not necessarily has the channel to do so.

The come along Idea Exchange, an idea management software. On Idea Exchange, participants can easily publish ideas, read the ideas and buy shares in them. Idea Exchange engages employees in your company’s innovation in a fun and relevant way. Participants can publish their ideas online. However the uniqueness is that the software lets users support other’s ideas by purchasing shares in them making them more popular such as blue chip stocks.

Doesn’t matter what services your companies offer e.g. building material, life insurance quote, or online retail, this software might come in handy for you to get constructive feedback from employees and even customers.

Green Movers

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How about offering eco-friendly moving service. Traditional movers used cardboard moving boxes but FROGBOX,  an Canadian based company offers a low environmental impact alternative. Statistics has shown that cardboard and paper waste make up a high percentage of landfill material.  Instead of using cardboard, FROGBOX uses reusable plastic moving containers.

Frogboxes are green, industrial-strength plastic containers that are available in standard and wardrobe sizes. Consumers simply order the boxes they need, and Frogbox drops them off at their home using its biodiesel delivery truck. The company picks the boxes up once the moving is all done.

This is a simple but yet powerful marketing message that might just give you the extra edge. By engaging call center services providers, you can help to service your customers even better.

Pop-up Spa

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The mobile business concept is really catching on fast. This is due to many reasons but primarily driven by its cost effectiveness (rental is getting more expensive) and market reach (ability to cover more places with less money).

So it is not surprising that a mobile spa will be introduced to the market too. Canadian Clean Earth Design came up with The Spa Suite which is an eco-friendly, transportable spa facility that’s designed to refresh body, beauty and mind. They offer a  variety of packages including massages, manicures, facials and relaxation treatments.

Imagine this, this temporary spa can be transported to anywhere e.g. parties, events and entertainment venues. This is a relatively easy set-up especially for those who are already running a spa center. Best part of all, you do not need a medical assisting certification to open up one.