Shoe Art

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Fashion industry is a huge business especially shoes. If you are able to carve yourself a niche, you can hit a home run just like Jimmy Choo. Ever thought of turning normal shoes into a work of art.

A Toronto-based design firm called Ndeur actually offers customized, hand-painted shoes. What Nduer does is to take vintage leather pumps and sneakers and decorates them with unique designs and patterns in oil-based paint. Founded in May 2007 by Parisian artist Mathieu Missiaen, customers can also just ask Missiaen to paint what he likes. The shoe becomes a one of kind shoe that is truly unique.

If you are good with art, why don’t you take other wearable items and hand-decorate it so that you can sell it a premium? You can tie up with companies such as Ebillme and give out shoebuy coupons to attract your customer.

Simple Furniture

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Sometimes, being simple is not entirely a bad idea. Take for example “The Simple Furniture Company”. It is not a typical furniture company. Not only they furnitures are all ready-to-assemble, no tools, hardware or glue are required for assembly or disassembly. Unlike many ready-to-assemble furniture that are made of particle board or melamine coated laminates, Simple Furniture products or made of real solid wood. Now that adds to durablity and resistance to water.

I think I might just start one here in Malaysia.

Pop-up Oxygen Bars

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For those who are not aware what Oxygen bar is, it is basically a place where patrons can breath in non-medical, scented oxygen. At an oxygen bar, a dosage delivers 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air. With one intake, customers feels more alert, refreshed, full of energy and with a general good feeling. Oxygen bars have become a popular trend at night spots, malls and even fitness centers. They can also be found at trade shows, conventions and corporate meetings, as well as at private parties and promotional events. This may even be a fun but effective treatment for depression.

Since I have shared many pop-up business concepts, why not start a pop-up oxygen bars? Could work very well in commercial as well as office areas.

Custom Chandeliers

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Here something for the interior designers and outdoor decoraters. Lighting is an important aspect of interior design and it makes a lot of difference when comes to the choice of lights that are used. Well…if you are looking for something more edgy and alternative, why not check out Rock and Royal? They create customize chandeliers with attitude fusing posh and punk to create chandeliers in the form of champagne bottle, skulls, guitars and etc. The chandeliers are not just a source of lighting but also an art piece that can be place strategically in a space to create the ambiance you are looking for.

It is a great example of taking a very traditional product and turning it into something fresh and newly desirable. I could see many interior designers that may need this kind of light pieces for interior as well as outdoor décors.

Online Cigar Business

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This is a business idea for smokers particularly cigar smokers. Cigars is quite similar to wine in a lot of ways. The price can range from something economical to something astronomical but cigar lovers will be able to tell the difference between them.

What many people don’t know is that cigars can make a wonderful gift. Wouldn’t it be great if there is online place where you can purchase cigar gift sets for your friends or clients? Take for example They have created a website that makes it easy for people to purchase these cigars. They even have something called the “Cigar of the Month Club” whereby registered members will receive a specially selected combination of 5 premium hand made cigars (they may even have Black and Mild cigars), once a month. These cigars are nationally recognized brands, and represent a vast assortment from the marketplace. Basically, you can sign someone up (or yourself!) for a subscription.

So wait no more all smokers out there. Start something to finance your smoking habits.

Window Solar Energy Collector

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In tropical countries where sunlight is abundant, it can be both a problem and an opportunity. Why not invent something that can kill two birds with one stone – remove the negative impact of sunlight but harness the positive attributes at the same time. Well… you may think it is impossible but wait till you here about Smart Energy Glass.

Smart Glass Energy is a new innovation from Dutch Peer+ that turns windows into solar energy collectors with a customisable appearance. It does not only collects solar energy but owners can even adjust visibility level by switching between three modes: dark, bright and privacy, which scatters the light passing through. By controlling the darkness mode of the windows, harmful UV rays can be minimized. The energy that is harnessed can be used directly by home owners and the surplus can even be fed back to the grid resulting in lower energy cost. Whether you are running a business card printing or a gym, this Smart Energy Glass will benefit you.

What a great idea!

Artistic Urns

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Another idea for those who have an artistic mind. Ever thought of turning traditional urn that is used as container for cremated remains into a piece of art. Well…it seems some people have already done it. Those entrepreneurs realized that most urns are expensive and un inspiring. What they did was to design and produce urns that are unique and beautiful.This art pieces can be displayed anywhere even in you Outer Banks vacation homes.

With land become more scarce, burial will become too expensive and many people will begin to opt for cheaper options such as cremations. I believe urn trading business is a good business to venture into.

Cardboard Art

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Who would have thought art pieces made up of cardboard can make such an interesting cardboard displays.Well Mark Langan did. Mark Langan, a corrugated cardboard sculpture takes discarded boxes and upcycles them into stunning works of art.

Using only basic tools such as a cutting knife and non-toxic glue, he painstakingly compiles hundreds of pieces of used cardboard to make his art pieces. The corrugated materials come from his own personal consumption as well as donations from people.

Going green is an in-thing now and I am sure Mark Langan have found his niche where he will excel.

Bird Nest Mask

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Swiftlet farming is nothing new in Asia especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Many early entrepreneurs have made millions by converting shop lots or abandoned commercial units into swiftlet farms. Considering the fact that rental yield is very poor, bird nest farming can produce better returns. An average selling price of a bird nest is about RM4000/kg.

There are recent developments in the bird nest business. Entrepreneurs has even managed to convert these edible bird nest into anti aging products and skin tonic serum. Some even use bird nest extracts in facial mask claiming that it has anti-aging properties. Whatever it is, bird nest business is definitely catching on. So, wait no longer and jump in the band wagon.

Quartz Kitchen Top

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I believe most of you are familiar with Granite or resin material that are used for kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Have you heard of quartz material that are used for kitchen tops?

Founded in 1987 in the US, CaesarStone was an early pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. CaeserStone is basically made of 93% crushed quartz which is one of nature’s hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. Used together with kitchen or bathroom sinks, it adds a touch of elegance to the design.

Currently, this material is relatively new in Malaysia. For those who are in the carpentry and bathroom refurbishment business, maybe this is something for you to offer to your clients.