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Love greeneries and plants. Now there is a way you can make sure that you always have a plant with you 24/7 without looking silly carrying a potted plant around. Introducing Pet-Trees. Pet-Trees are the latest craze from Japan. Each Pet-Tree is actually a real living plant inside a tiny plastic bell jar with a keyring attachment.

Just not too long ago, they had Pet Stones. I wonder what’s next.


Energy-Booster Eel Juice

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It goes without saying, with a little imagination and willingness to break away from the norm, innovative ideas could be the end result. 

A new drink called ‘unagi nobori,’ or ‘surging eel,’ made by Japan Tobacco Inc., was launched in Tokyo just two days ago. At US$1.30 a bottle, the fizzy, yellow-colored drink contains extracts from the head and bones of eel and five vitamins (A, B1, B2, D and E) contained in the fish.

Many Japanese believe eating eel boosts stamina in hot weather. It’s mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer’s heat. I guess Livita and Red Bull will have a new competition in town.

Online Dating Service Business

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Dating and matchmaking services business has never been easier with the explosion of internet services. Just a quick google will show you a list of online dating services. Just take a look at The owner claimed to make easily 7 figure income annualy.

Another example is They offer members of the HIV positive community a dating service featuring HIV positive personal ads comprised of a diverse, international community of HIV positive adults. The objective is to help their members find great matches, make new friends, form romantic relationships, meet life partners or even to receive helpful guidance and coaching from others in the HIV positive community.

Nothing beats helping people and make money at the same time.

Snake Massage

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In many parts of the world, many people especially women are going ga-ga over grooming. In the quest to search for the ultimate indulgence, many innovative products has spawned, ranging from skin-eating fish spas, acne cures, wine bath and caviar facials to maintain their youth.

Now, an Israeli health and beauty spa has introduced a new treatment to its menu — snake massage. For about $70, clients can add a wild twist to their treatment by having six non-venomous but very lively serpents slither and hiss a path across their aching muscles and stiff joints. California and Florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes are used in treatments.

I wonder what will be next. Using human excretion as facial cream ingredient?

Car Business Franchise

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If you ever wanted to run your own car business in Malaysia, there is company which is currently offering apparently a low risk opportunity business venture. Basing on the franchise model, EOA is inviting suitable and qualified investors or business partners to be part of this business venture.

Most traditional used car business model requires the business owner to have large capital investment to buy used cars. On top of that, EOA franchisee will provide all the necessary sales, marketing, financial and loan processing training. If you are keen, you can always check them out at the website below.



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There are many minipreneurs out there looking for small business opportunity but lack the capacity to open up their own stores in busy malls. However this company in Singapore has helped these minipreneurs to overcome this problem by offering a display space in their store. inQbox™ is the first urban retail utility™ concept store that represents a collective of independant designers and entrepreneurs in the city and around the world. inQbox will give provide a  retail space and a gallery space at low cost and low risk. On top of that, they will even provide merchandising and marketing tips to create more exposure for your merchandise.

What a great way to start a business.


Go Green with Nanotechnology

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With the recent advancement of nanotechnology, a new method of combating pollution is born. Recent studies in environmental photo-chemistry, natural photosynthesis, and chemical methods for solar energy transformations together with the emergance of nanotechnology created a whole new and clean way of combating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air and water.

When photocatalyst is exposed to light in the presence of water vapor, two highly reactive substances are formed: hydroxyl radicals [OH] and a superoxide anion [O2-1]. It allows the oxidation of airborne VOCs and toxic organic matter changing them into less harmful carbon dioxide and water.

This technologies have now been proven to be effective in almost all industrial fields offering benefits that includes contamination resistance, anti-fog, deodorizing, and etc. A promising approach for remediating air quality .

Motorized Shoes

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Forget about walking, driving and cycling running, there is a new mode of travelling. Introducing motorized shoes – a light weight transportation device.

Invented by Ilya Kaganovich, iShoes weighs approximately 10 pounds with batteries built into the shoes travelling at a speed of 20 mph and has a range of 5 to 7 miles. Selling just under $500, this device might just replace other mode of transportation especially if you are travelling for a short distance especially with the rising cost of fuel.

Cool way to travel but I wonder how your life insurance rates will be affected.

Dinner in the Sky

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F&B business is always tough an owners are often faced with tough competitions. Therefore, throwing something different might just give you an extra competitive advantage. Instead of offerring cozy tables in a restaurant for dinners, how about offering something more unique to draw in the crowd an charging a premium for it.

A restaurant in Belgium dangles from a crane at 150ft above ground level. It comes complete with dining chairs, table, crockery and a slick-suited water. This concept will definitely drawn attention from the rich and adventure-hungry people who yearn for something a little more different.


Disappearing Car Door

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Jatech LLC is a California Limited Liability Corporation formed to promote the Founders proprietary invention, the Retractable Vehicle Door, also know as the Disappearing Car Door and Rotary Drop Door.

So what exactly is a Disappearing Car Door? Well, simply said, the side door actually lowers completely into the bottom of the car making it look completely hidden. With this design, there is no need for additional space for the doors to swing open in order to allow the occupant to exit or enter. A remote key fob is press to activate the mechanism sliding the door below the car. At the touch of a button, it reappears.

Cool idea but I wonder how it will affect my car insurance.