Property Flipping

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With the current economic picking up and demand for properties is increasing, it is a good time for people who wants to make a quick buck by flipping properties. For those who are unfamiliar with flipping, it simply means buying a property and reselling it quickly, as opposed to holding on to a property long term as a rental.  There are two basic ways to flip property. One way is to buy with the intent to resell at a profit without ever occupying it. The other more common method is to acquire a property, remodel or renovate and sell at a profit.

For those who are new to these, in order to make money from flipping properties by means of fix and flip, there are few important things to consider. First you have to buy low. In order to do that, keep an eye for ugly looking properties. For most home buyers, what they see is a haunted house but for property flippers, they see beyond the overgrown landscaping and cracked building exteriors and focus on the potential value.  Put a few designer Kichler lighting and the haunted house is turned into a dream home.

For those who love to invest in property, this may be another source of income.

Rent a Friend

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Talk about new age business ideas. I have heard of rental services for many things but this got to be the weirdest one I have heard. I came across the idea of friendship rental services on a newspaper recently. Apparently the target market is for people who are doing a lot of traveling and find it a bit to lonesome. Before I mind stray off to escort services, it is not like that. Just imagine if you traveled somewhere and you want a friendly companion to attend a social event or party with you, someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to movie or a restaurant with, can help. You can even hire a friend to  show you around an unfamiliar town orteach you a new skill or hobby. Before you hire anybody, you can view all of the profiles and photos on their website.

Apparently, it is a big hit in the US and Canada. I think this idea might just work.

Flipping Properties

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For those who have not heard of the term “Flipping Properties”, it is actually a term used primarily in the United States to describe the practice of buying an asset (in this case could be a house, an apartment or a commercial property) and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit.

This business is especially suitable for those who have sufficient cash to buy a property and refurbish/remodel it to make new an old property. Either you can do a total renovation or selective renovation either by doing a paint job, add additional rooms or just simply adding in Grohe faucet into the bathrooms. Smart property flipper knows the market very well and will know an under valued property when they see one. So… in order to be successful, do equip yourself with knowledge of the property market. Also not forgetting to get yourself familiar with building repair and construction works so that you can estimate accurately how much it will cost you to refurbish your home. Partner up with a reliable contractor that you can work with. If you do not know any, you can check out. They have been partnering up with investors to flip properties.

Home Renovation for Old Folks

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This business idea is for all the home remodeling contractors out there. This business environment is a tough market with many contractors fighting over a limited market. Contractors who can differentiate themselves will be the victor in this fierce competition.

Most contractors out there do not have a selected niche and this can be a problem. Well… Ruby Slippers manage to come up with something called the “Ageless design”to help people enjoy living independently in their own homes for as long as possible even when they are old. Their designs takes into account smart features to cater for aging population that wants to live independently at home.

This is a fantastic idea because when people are at their 40s, they need to be thinking about their future living not when they start using lots of msm cream for their joint pains. People in their 40s are also usually at their peak of their careers and therefore have the money to spent. Something worthwhile for contractors to consider

Car Sharing Portal

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How many of you have cars that you don’t use everyday? I am sure there are people out there but there also lots of people who needs car once in a while and do not have one. Renting a car may be just too much of a hassle and expensive.

Then came RelayRides, a person-to-person car-sharing marketplace. The site allows people with cars to earn extra income by renting their under-utilized cars to people who don’t have cars of their own. To start of, car owners registers with RelayRides. Then the cars will be fitted with a device that allows authorized renters to access it without having to be given keys. Renters can choose to reserve the vehicle by the hour or day within the owner-set schedule.

Time to get in touch with your insurance agency to get an auto insurance quotes if you intend to experiment with this idea.

Dorm Furnitures for Rental

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I remember during my student days, we do not really have a lot of money to spend on nice furniture. We make do with whatever we can get our hands on with the limited budget we have. If only there is a way student can get decent furniture at a price they can afford. Another problem is once their uni days are over, they have another hassle of getting rid of them.


Well…here comes Evolving Vox, a company started by two students at Dartmouth College to address this problem. Their company rents out furniture to students, enabling them to go through college without having to make large purchases for their rooms.  From electrical items to furniture, all can be rented at a affordable prices. Everything is dropped off for free and whenever you don’t need them, the pick-up service is also free so that the students need not worry about hauling furniture and appliances around.


This idea can work anywhere. Get in touch with the online university web page to market your idea.

New Age Barcodes

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For those of you who have held a barcode scanner to scan an item to get the price of an item, you will notice how dull looking the barcodes are. However, a Japanese Design Barcode took an innovative step to turn standard bar codes into something more interesting.

Traditional rectangular looking bar codes are redesigned to something cute and more meaningful. From animal designs to buildings, Design Barcode has ingeniously incorporated the elements of their clients’ business into the bar code designs.

This is just one example of how simple and boring things can be turned totally opposite.

Funeral Photography

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It is no surprise to find many photographers out there competing for jobs in this small market. However, for those who has already carved a name for themselves, they can earn a decent living by taking shots for wedded couples. However, I have not come across who only specializes in funeral photography.

However, companies such as does do quite well with the offerings they have that includes taking remembrance videos for the deceased. There are many wedding photographers that doubles up as wedding planners. Why not throw in a funeral planning service as well and you might just found yourself a niche.

Laughing Yoga

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A quick look at depression treatment reviews will show you a list of what you can do to address depression problems. But is there is more interesting way to get rid of depression? Well, I was once told that laughter is the best medicine. So, it is no surprise someone combined laughing into some form of excercise.

Introducing Laughing Yoga. A doctor from Mumbai, India, first incorporated laughter into yoga practice in a laughter club in 1995 while studying the health benefits of laughter. Since then, more than 5,000 laughter clubs have formed in more than 50 countries. Generally, sessions start with a good stretch and some deep breathing. Laughter is simulated in a group with eye staring and playfulness, developing into real and contagious laughter. This form of exercise is created with a combination of laughing and yoga breathing technique and the purpose is to bring more oxygen to the body and the brain. Laughter yoga is based on the assumption that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter, and that their physiological and psychological benefits are thus identical.

Lets start one here.

Cast Art

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Not too sure how may of you out there who actually has broken a bone in the past and end up with a plaster cast on your legs or your hands for days, weeks or maybe even months. Imagine having gone through a great deal of pain only to end up going through a great deal of shame. However, what if we can turn the ugly cast into a fashion statement.

Well, Casttoo, a Colorado firm did just that by transforming these plain casts into graphic works of art. Casttoo’s cast are crafted from an adhesive film that fuses with the plaster cast in seconds when blasted with a hot hairdryer. Many designs are made available based on themes ranging from fantastical creatures, flower, animals, and etc. 

Skin art, skin tattoo or skin id is something that is already common but cast art is definitely something quite recent. Maybe this is something you can venture into?