Construction Scrap Exchange

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With the construction jobs booming everywhere due to economic recovery, materials consumption will be on the rise. Which means that wastage is bound to happen. As natural resources such as iron ores and coppers depleting, the need to efficiently use all materials available and minimize wastage becomes very crucial.

One way is to develop an online builders’ material exchange for builders’ surplus. Introducing, a completely free to use website where contractors and developers can pass on leftover building supplies or materials to potential users. Buyers are also able to find fantastic low cost deals on the website. By using BuilderScrap to pass on and recyle unused materials, you can save on skip costs and reduce the construction waste that you are sending to landfill. Fantasic idea!!!

Barter Trading Services

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We have yet to fully recover from the recent financial crisis that has affected every country. This has affected many in terms of lifestyle as disposal income has been reduced. If you are running a business, you might feel the impact of the recession already. Well, there is one way to overcome this. Most transactions are done using cash but what if we go back to the old age way of doing business – barter trading.

Hoteliers in Italy did just that. During the Settimana del Baratto, or Barter Week run by the Italian Bed and Breakfast Association, Bed and Breakfast establishments encouraged their customers to use barter instead of cash to pay for their room.  Whether it is personalized caps or a free massage, the hoteliers accept all forms of trades. What a fantastic idea to beat recession!


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Few months back, I blogged about a business idea based on a gym in a bus. This got me thinking whether we could some other businesses on a bus? Quick google landed me on a website that shared about a bus that has a restaurant setup in it.

The BUStaurant is a mobile restaurant in a double decker bus that is equipped with a full kitchen on the bottom level and an upstairs deck that can seat about 16. This is a fantastic idea for the tourism industry just like the Malaysian hop-on/off bus that tours the city area. Diners can have a great view of the city and have a great meal at the same time. In my opinion this idea can sell big time. Work with the bus company and also with the best web directories to start your marketing campaign. Any takers out there?

Design-it-online Pants

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Design-it-online services is becoming more popular since the boom of internet. From food to clothing, things can be customized online before actual production and sale. Take for example Franklin + Gower, they let style-savvy men customize their trousers.

Visitors to Franklin + Gower’s website can choose from a wide array of fabric selection and then pick seams in designer fabrics, retro prints or a classic piping of their choice. The pants are then made to order in Los Angeles and flown to respective destinations. That way, customers can get their pants tailored within their own home saving the hassle of traveling. Brilliant!

Tattoo Web Simulator

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Well…this is something interesting for all tattoo lovers. Are you one of those people who is wondering whether you should get a tattoo or not? I use to be one them but never get myself to do that because I am not sure how it would look on me and if it does not look good, I am stuck with it.

Here comes TatMash, a site that lets users see what a real tattoo would look like on them before they really get it done. All you need to do is upload your photos and grad the tattoo’s image to the spot on their body where you would like to have it done. They have a wide array of tattoo design for you to choose (not too sure whether they have any tattoos for insurance advertising).

 So, if you own a tattoo parlor, this is a great way to differentiate yourself.

Online Cigar Business

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This is a business idea for smokers particularly cigar smokers. Cigars is quite similar to wine in a lot of ways. The price can range from something economical to something astronomical but cigar lovers will be able to tell the difference between them.

What many people don’t know is that cigars can make a wonderful gift. Wouldn’t it be great if there is online place where you can purchase cigar gift sets for your friends or clients? Take for example They have created a website that makes it easy for people to purchase these cigars. They even have something called the “Cigar of the Month Club” whereby registered members will receive a specially selected combination of 5 premium hand made cigars (they may even have Black and Mild cigars), once a month. These cigars are nationally recognized brands, and represent a vast assortment from the marketplace. Basically, you can sign someone up (or yourself!) for a subscription.

So wait no more all smokers out there. Start something to finance your smoking habits.

Car Sharing Portal

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How many of you have cars that you don’t use everyday? I am sure there are people out there but there also lots of people who needs car once in a while and do not have one. Renting a car may be just too much of a hassle and expensive.

Then came RelayRides, a person-to-person car-sharing marketplace. The site allows people with cars to earn extra income by renting their under-utilized cars to people who don’t have cars of their own. To start of, car owners registers with RelayRides. Then the cars will be fitted with a device that allows authorized renters to access it without having to be given keys. Renters can choose to reserve the vehicle by the hour or day within the owner-set schedule.

Time to get in touch with your insurance agency to get an auto insurance quotes if you intend to experiment with this idea.

Online Wedding Photosharing

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For those who does not know who Mark Zuckerberg is, he is basically the founder of Facebook who has make millions from his online social networking websites. There’s no denying that online business has huge potential. Well, I would like to share you another concept that you can consider doing.

Introducing Olapic a startup that allows users to gather, share and print guests’ pictures on a wedding day. It is common that couples hire professional wedding photographer during this special but Olapic is basically trying to encourage guest to share their photos which they took personally especially those that captured a perfect moment. A wedding photographer can only be one place at a time and may missed out on some golden opportunities.

Couples begin by creating a profile on Olapic and uploading email addresses of their guests. Olapic will then remind everyone to bring their cameras before the wedding date. Once the wedding is over, the site will stay in touch with guests via emails and cards to remind them to upload their pictures.

I personally think this could be a winner knowing for a fact that every couple wants to remember as much as they can and also to see what they missed out from the eyes and cameras of their friends and relatives. So… wait no more. Start you website community portal and get the best seo software to start marketing your website.

Home Sharing

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For those who loves traveling and holidaying, the cost of accommodations can really burn hole in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be great if there are some cheaper options available to you.

Well, a company called Second Porch came up with an interesting idea to capitalize on Facebook users to list and rent vacation homes through the popular social network. Through Second Porch, Facebook members can list vacation properties for rent or trade . Users can control whether their ad is visible to everyone on the network, or just their friends. Listing a home is free, and those looking for a place can search by map, location, amenities, price or relationship. Not only are they able to see the “face behind the place,” as Second Porch puts it, but they can also view detailed descriptions and photos along with comments from past guests.

So anybody has a home to trade in Florida. Thinking of florida vacations right now.

Entrepreneurs Online

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Starting a business is never easy. If it was, everybody will already be reach by now. However one Toronto-based online community is making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to collaborate together.

Introducing Sprouter, an online community that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas, links, and expertise with their peers. They can even post questions online to get assistance. This social network focuses on connecting users that they do not know but who share common goals and interests with the intend to expend their network and resources.

Do not wait anymore, grab you laptops and go to Sprouter.