Home Renovation for Old Folks

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This business idea is for all the home remodeling contractors out there. This business environment is a tough market with many contractors fighting over a limited market. Contractors who can differentiate themselves will be the victor in this fierce competition.

Most contractors out there do not have a selected niche and this can be a problem. Well… Ruby Slippers manage to come up with something called the “Ageless design”to help people enjoy living independently in their own homes for as long as possible even when they are old. Their designs takes into account smart features to cater for aging population that wants to live independently at home.

This is a fantastic idea because when people are at their 40s, they need to be thinking about their future living not when they start using lots of msm cream for their joint pains. People in their 40s are also usually at their peak of their careers and therefore have the money to spent. Something worthwhile for contractors to consider

Organic Farm Retreat

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Nowadays, we are all spoiled by the number of choices we have when comes to food. What we don’t realize is that when we consume food, we are introducing toxins into our body. Its no wonder why health businesses are flourishing and if you don’t believe me, you can Google “colon cleansing review” to see the amount of cleansers available.

However there are more enjoyable ways to detoxify yourself. A smart Malaysian entrepreneur came up with the idea of organizing Organic Farm retreats. Take for example Titi, in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan which is only 45 minutes from Seremban and about two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This 20-acre Titi Eco Farm is a place to learn and experience living total harmony with nature. Located on a hilltop 30 metres above sea level, guest are exposed to fruit orchards, a herb garden, vegetable garden and even animal farms where they will introduced to local vegetable and the natural processes of rearing chickens, ducks, fish and ostriches. Guest will also be served organic food and raw Hibiscus which is rather interesting.

If you have a farm somewhere, you may earn extra income by organizing health retreats targeting city dwellers.

Car Sharing Portal

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How many of you have cars that you don’t use everyday? I am sure there are people out there but there also lots of people who needs car once in a while and do not have one. Renting a car may be just too much of a hassle and expensive.

Then came RelayRides, a person-to-person car-sharing marketplace. The site allows people with cars to earn extra income by renting their under-utilized cars to people who don’t have cars of their own. To start of, car owners registers with RelayRides. Then the cars will be fitted with a device that allows authorized renters to access it without having to be given keys. Renters can choose to reserve the vehicle by the hour or day within the owner-set schedule.

Time to get in touch with your insurance agency to get an auto insurance quotes if you intend to experiment with this idea.

Baby Disco

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For those party animals out there, most of you have probably given up you partying days after you have kids as you would like to spend more time with them. Well, what if there is such a thing as Baby Disco where kids can also participate in a more adult-relevant experience together with their parents?

Heather Murphy created Baby Disco as a way for kids and big people to have fun together. What makes Baby disco interesting is that the organizer even include in massages and facials to distress mums and dads which means bye-bye to acne medicine. They even prepared a diaper changing station to make it more convenient for mums to change their kid’s diapers while a professional DJ spins disco tunes. What the organizers did to reduce operational expenses by by contracting with nightclubs, which are normally empty during the day, and offering them a percentage of ticket sales.

This is something which most parents may find appealing and it maybe a worthwhile idea to explore.

Artistic Urns

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Another idea for those who have an artistic mind. Ever thought of turning traditional urn that is used as container for cremated remains into a piece of art. Well…it seems some people have already done it. Those entrepreneurs realized that most urns are expensive and un inspiring. What they did was to design and produce urns that are unique and beautiful.This art pieces can be displayed anywhere even in you Outer Banks vacation homes.

With land become more scarce, burial will become too expensive and many people will begin to opt for cheaper options such as cremations. I believe urn trading business is a good business to venture into.

Cardboard Art

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Who would have thought art pieces made up of cardboard can make such an interesting cardboard displays.Well Mark Langan did. Mark Langan, a corrugated cardboard sculpture takes discarded boxes and upcycles them into stunning works of art.

Using only basic tools such as a cutting knife and non-toxic glue, he painstakingly compiles hundreds of pieces of used cardboard to make his art pieces. The corrugated materials come from his own personal consumption as well as donations from people.

Going green is an in-thing now and I am sure Mark Langan have found his niche where he will excel.

Adult Theme Parks

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Everybody knows that sex sells. Therefore it is not a surprise that China, once thought to be a very conservative country planned to come up with a theme park that caters to adults only.Unfortunately it never took off. Even Disney wanted to explore adult-oriented theme park but I guess it will tarnish the whole image of Disney vacations.

For those who has never been to Jeju Loveland (also known as Love Land), it is basically an outdoor sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in South Korea. The theme of the park is based on sex. Within the park, sex education films are being featured to educate patrons on sex. The whole is filled with sculptures featuring humans in various sexual positions and sexual organs.

That I am trying to say here is if there are legal ways to start one in your area,  by all means do that. It will definitely be one HOT tourist attraction.

Healthy Snack Delivery Service

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No one knows for sure what happens if one takes too much diet pills. But I am sure diet pill side effects are not uncommon. One can really control their weight by having better food intake management. Much of the food supplied by the fast food industries are mainly not very healthy. The need for healthier snacks is ever growing.

To give you some idea what you can do, let me introduce Graze, a company that aims to provide natural and nutritious edibles delivered by mail. Consumers are spoil with choices with selection from three types of standard snack collections (1) The grazemini – a combination of fresh fruit with dried fruits, nuts or seeds (2) The grazeclassic – Addition of vegetable, savoury and bakery options to that mix (3) The grazeluxury – Addition of deli and sweet indulgences.

Customers can even indicate how often they’d like to receive their boxes, and a schedule will be formulated for the buyer. A great way to healthy snacking.

Bird Nest Mask

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Swiftlet farming is nothing new in Asia especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Many early entrepreneurs have made millions by converting shop lots or abandoned commercial units into swiftlet farms. Considering the fact that rental yield is very poor, bird nest farming can produce better returns. An average selling price of a bird nest is about RM4000/kg.

There are recent developments in the bird nest business. Entrepreneurs has even managed to convert these edible bird nest into anti aging products and skin tonic serum. Some even use bird nest extracts in facial mask claiming that it has anti-aging properties. Whatever it is, bird nest business is definitely catching on. So, wait no longer and jump in the band wagon.

Sun Controlled Shutters

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As more and more people are aware of energy and environmental conservation efforts, products that cater to this market will have tremendous demands and opportunities. One of the most energy consuming appliances in every home and offices is air conditioning. The reason is because in most tropical countries, heat from the sun is transmitted into the building via conduction, convection and radiation. If there are ways to reduce the heat from coming in, the cooling load is also reduced. Therefore the used of exterior shutters is a way to block out the sun rays.

However, we do not want to block out the sun constantly. Therefore, one solution is to use sun-controlled shutters or louvers to address this issue. Imagine the amount of offices and homes that may require this technology. It will be a great way to start your green business.