Folding Bikes

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To all cycling lovers out there, ever wished that there was a bike that is easily transported or carried around when you can’t actually cycle. Well, let me introduce you to Eco 7 Folding Bike, a revolutionary concept design by Victor Aleman in Mexico. The Eco 7 is designed to be taken on planes and other transportation where space is a significant problem.

The bike is designed in such a way that every part of the bike is collapsible, including the main frame, the handle bars, crank, brakes, wheels and chain. You must be wondering how the wheels can be folded. Well, they are actually made from a total of 6 modules where the spokes fold into the rim of the wheel. Once you have reached your destination, users can easily unfold their bikes.

I wonder when bikes can be folded into the size of shrink tube terminals or capsules just like in the movie “Dragon Ball”.

Eco Greeting Cards

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Christmas is just around the corner and there will be practically millions of people celebrating this special day. However, this only means plenty more trees will be chopped off since the demand for greeting cards will increase by many folds. Before anyone of you forget, this is just a friendly reminder. Why not consider something more environmentally friendly.

Consider . To protect and save the environment, they sell recycled gift wraps and greeting cards. There are many people out there who are already into green movements and for those of you who sells Christmas gifts, gift wraps and christmas photo cards, why not consider this your selected niche?

Pre-Fabricated Wine Cellars

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For all wine lovers out there, if you think owning your own private wine cellars are too expensive, well…think again. A UK company has devised a precast storage system for your wine bottles that can be installed in virtually any room of any house.

Introducing Spiral Cellars. This storage systems are designed to be watertight storage spaces that can be sunk into the ground in an existing ground floor room or incorporated into the build of an extension or new property. Due to its unique design, it doesn’t take up very much space. I have yet to see anyone selling it here in this region yet. So why not take opportunity to start a show room, put in a POS systems and start making big bucks?

Artistic Aircond

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Home renovation and interior decorations is something that most household owners will do. Either a new coat of paint, a new set of wardrobes or timber flooring will certainly make a room feel different and better. However, often there is one home appliance that usually stick out like a sore thumb after you have done a lot to beautify a home. It is none other that our lovely air conditioning system.

 Most air conditioning system comes in horrifying design that doesn’t really go well with the colour of the wall, or with your decorations. With this problems comes a business opportunity and LG, a Korean company capitalized on this situation. Each LG air conditioner has been designed with the latest technologies to ensure optimum comfort. Advancements in inverter technology mean our air conditioners are becoming more efficient and our unique Neo Plasma filtering system means the air you breathe is fresher. They realize that air conditioners are not just about technology. The air conditioner is a fixture in the home and its appearance is just as important as a piece of furniture. Hence, they came up with ARTCOOL.

Do check it out if you are looking for nice looking air conditioning systems and always remember to clean your AC filters.

Entrepreneurs Online

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Starting a business is never easy. If it was, everybody will already be reach by now. However one Toronto-based online community is making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to collaborate together.

Introducing Sprouter, an online community that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas, links, and expertise with their peers. They can even post questions online to get assistance. This social network focuses on connecting users that they do not know but who share common goals and interests with the intend to expend their network and resources.

Do not wait anymore, grab you laptops and go to Sprouter.

Holy Water Dispenser

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Now, even the church has gone high-tech when comes to holy water. 

Due to the fear of contracting swine flu, an Italian inventor has come up with an electronic holy water dispenser as a way to keep church traditions alive for the faithful without the fear of contracting swine flu.

The terracotta dispenser operates like an in public washrooms. All the churchgoer needs to do is to wave his or her hand under a sensor and the machine spurts out holy water. Come to think of it, this dispenser can be use anywhere, even in hotels in myrtle beach.

Revenge Outsourcing

Author: Alex  |  Category: Wierd

It is definitely something that I have never heard off but guess what, it is really happening. I am sure all of you out there have been aggrevated by someone and you really want to get even with them but just do not have the guts to do so.  A company called Alibis and Paybacks offers an unusual service business that offers revenge services on behalf of their clients.

For a fee, the company will publicly denounce and embarrass someone or some business, peppering their target’s workplace or neighborhood with fliers that colorfully describe the individual’s purported malfeasance. Imagine your nemesis is having a holiday in a myrtle beach vacation rentals only to find out later that stories  about his bad deeds have been plastered all over his neighborhood. What a fantastic payback time!

Healthy Meals Delivery Service

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Food delivery service is not something new especially in cities where most husbands and wives do not actually have time to cook at home. Although eating out is an option, sometimes families still prefer to eat within the comfort of their homes. So what can these service providers do to differentiate themselves?

Introducing Calorie Care, which delivers healthy food to a customer’s door. Calorie Care is India’s first calorie-counted meal delivery service. Their aims it is to make it easy, convenient and fun for Mumbaikars to eat healthy food. To provide the right kind of food, Calorie Care nutritionist spends an hour with a client to understand his or her health needs and taste preferences. The nutritionist team then designs a personalised food plan that caters to these needs and preferences.

A great twist to a traditional business. This will even help those who wants to know how to lose weight fast.

Sky Vegetables

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As urbanization takes place at an alarming rate, land has become more scarce. The population growth has been been increasing exponentially at many large cities and this gives rise to the need for more food. With higher demand of food, it only means that more land space is required to produce them. In many urban cities, land is a luxury. Farms are getting further and further from cities which means transportation costs and carbon emission increases. However, one company decides to take on this challenge by coming up with a very interesting and workable solution.

Introducing Sky Vegetables, an innovative, urban agriculture company dedicated to building sustainable, commercial-scale hydroponic farms on urban rooftops across America. These sky farms will not only produce food but will also help to cool down building as heat is absorbed by plants and not transmitted into building. Imagine having a farm on top of buildings in your areas, wouldn’t that be just great? Sky farmers can provide free directory of vegetables they grow on the building online so that consumers can locate the right building.

Bottle Recycling Machine

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Recycling is becoming more fashionable as people are taking the recycling business more seriously. The amount of household items that are discarded into the bins which can be easily recycled is enormous. Imagine if these items can be salvaged, how much raw materials can we reduced.

An Australian company called BottleCycler helps recycle disposable glass bottles. Their bottle crushing machine can be placed inside a typical kitchen area. Bottles are fed into the BottleCycler through an opening in the top of the device. The machine then quietly slices the glass into recyclable pieces. The glass is transferred into a regular 60L wheelie bin, which is picked up and emptied by BottleCycler, and brought to regional glass recycling plants for processing into material for new bottles or maybe even use for manufacturing glass tiles.

Time to get one for your household.