Fitness Activity Monitor

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With obesity problem on the rise, companies that offers innovative health services or products will be the one that will cash in big time. For those of you out there who struggles to motivate yourself to work out, here is a device that might help you.

Introducing Gruve, a wearable fitness devices that measure the physical activity of users throughout their day. Gruve provides real-time feedback a light indicator that changes colour according to how much energy the wearer is burning over the course of a day. It vibrates if the user has been inactive for too long to try to get the user to do something physical.

Well… holiday season is just over and you might gain a few extra pounds. Time to sweat it on your fitness equipment.

Solar Briefcase

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Good things do not necessarily mean coming out with an entirely new idea. Take an ordinary everyday item and add some new features and you good to go. Take for instance Voltaic systems solar bag aptly name, the “Generator”. Its predecessors, like the Solio and Freeloader are do not have enough power to power-up an essential item, which is your laptop. On the contrary, the “Generator” comes with an attached panel that can produce up to 14.7 watts, enough to recharge a laptop over the course of a day. It also comes with a built-in battery pack that is being recharged during the day and to be used later. The Generator’s fabrics are made from recycled PET soda bottles making it really a green product.

This is a fantastic idea. You can adopt this idea to other items such as briefcases and handbags.

Meal Measure

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As some experts say, you are what you eat and this could not be more true. I have an equation for you. Input + Process = Output. In this case, output is your weight. Input is what you eat. Process is the amount of calories you burn either naturally or through exercises.

The focus of this topic is on Input. This is not new but there are gadgets out there that can help the motivated dieter keep track of their caloric intake to help users lose weight quickly. Take for example Meal Measure. It is a gadget that is used to measure standard portion sizes directly onto your own dinner plate. The gadget contains three enclosed rings with the right size to measure the right amount of  protein, grains and starchy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables to get a well-balanced meal.

Gadget That Pushes You To Exercise

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Forget about slimming pills. Choose a safer way to loose weight, which is to exercise. However, not many people has the discipline to exercise on a routine basis especially if you have very low willpower. What if there is a way to motivate or coax you to exercise? Wouldn’t that be great.

Well, Gruve a wearable fitness devices that measure the physical activity of users throughout their day and provides a real-time feedback to the users. An indicator on the device changes colour according to how much energy the wearer burned over the course of a day. It vibrates if the user has been inactive for too long reminding the users to start moving to lose some calories.

I see great potential in this device.

Eco Treadmill

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I have blogged about a gym that actually generates electricity through the use of exercise machines that converts human movements to electricity that can be stored in batteries.

Well… now this technology can even made available for those who works out at home. Introducing Woodway EcoMill treadmill. It is eco friendly where you not only exercise but also you actually  generate enough electricity to power the treadmill without even needing to plug it into the socket(wall) to draw electricity. The power generated is sufficient to keep the display up and running. It does this by utilizing Woodway’s near frictionless drive system.

I want to have one.

Power Generation Ball

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I could not resist sharing this with all of you. This invention is a remarkable example of how we can harness kinetic energy from our daily activities.

Football is nothing new to everybody and almost everybody I know is into the game, either as an audience or an active player. A group of Harvard University invented sOccket, a football that turns energy from a kick into electricity. Basically, it works with inductive coil technology, similar to that found in flashlights that power up when shaken. It is estimated that for each 15 minutes of play, it can store enough energy to power a small LED light for three hours. This portable energy-harvesting device can even e used to charge lights, cell phones and batteries.

Well, how about trying to invent something to capture the energy dissipated from your ps3 wireless controllers?

Hula Chair

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There are many ways to lose weight. One of the many natural fat burner is actually water. Research has shown that by drinking lots of water (cold water) you actually burn more fat. But if you are looking at something more fun, maybe you can consider the Hula Chair.

The hula chair allows you to literally sit and be fit with motions that cause the chair to move in an elliptical manner, bringing your body with it. It has been said to tone the abs, and midsection and is apparently all the rage in Japan. Not only can you lose inches by using the Hula chair but you will also be improving your balance and circulation with the regular movements.

Hahaha…this is actually quite funny.

Shower Timer

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One of God’s greatest gift is the gift of water, without which no living things can thrive. So, wouldn’t it be silly if we were to waste such wonderful gift even though at the present moment we have plenty. Just imagine certain continents are so dried up that they wish they have som water, even greywater.

Personally, I am really into things that can help reduce wastage. Let me introduce you to Efergy’ Shower Timer. This green plastic gadget tells you how much water you’re using in the shower and warn you with an alarm for those who want to set limits. You’ll  end up conserving water and save money.

So to all of you out there, start saving water or else every Friday will be a Black Friday. For entrepreneurs, add this into your list of 2010 business opportunities.

Employee Gadget Tracker

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Not too sure whether if everyone will love this but Phlips has come up with a gadget (DirectLife) that can track employee movement. It is marketed as a health tracker to help people adopt a more active lifestyle by monitoring their movement and motivating them in their daily activities.

DirectLife is based around a wearable device that uses a 3D digital accelerometer to track a person’s movements. The data is then uploaded via USB to a personal web-page. The user could set daily targets or goals and these results are then matched against these targets. The user is provided with a personal coach, on a subscription basis who will interact with users through the online portal.

Not too sure how true is this but Philips is claiming that the system reduce absenteeism and health costs. Well… I would have been very happy if my past employer provided me with an ellipticals machine or a gym subscription.

Designer Handphone for Ferrari Lovers

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Quite a while ago, I blogged about Porche creating their own line of kitchen cabinets targeting at man. How about designer hand phones that are designed by Ferrari designers.

Pininfarina, the company behind Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa cars, famous for its sleek and sexy sports car designs has been enlisted by Motorola to create dozens of mobile phones. Due to the lucrativeness of the mobile phone industries, companies are seeking ways to differentiate themselves to capture a bigger slice of the market share. According to Pininfarina, they would assign ten of its top-class designers to the project, to try to give the same allure to Motorola phones as they did with the sport cars.

I wonder whether they are going to use any of the Ferrari parts in their hand phones.