Extreme Games

Author: Alex  |  Category: Wierd

Ever thought of paying to experience something harrowing e.g. being kidnapped or being chased by drug dealers? Well… I am sure some crazy thrill-seekers out there will pay for such a thing. Forget about bungee jumping or sky diving, now you have an alternative that will get your blood running in no time.

Introduced by Ultime Réalité, thrill-seekers have the options of choosing services such as”Kidnapping”, “Manhunt” and “Go-Fast Adventure”.  If you choose to bee kidnapped, basically you will be taken by surprise and held for a number of hours before you are rescued. With additional fee,  Ultime Réalité can even throw in helicopter chases for paying victims.

Wow… talk about extreme games. I think I will need a blue acne light treatment after playing this game.

Online Cigar Business

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This is a business idea for smokers particularly cigar smokers. Cigars is quite similar to wine in a lot of ways. The price can range from something economical to something astronomical but cigar lovers will be able to tell the difference between them.

What many people don’t know is that cigars can make a wonderful gift. Wouldn’t it be great if there is online place where you can purchase cigar gift sets for your friends or clients? Take for example cigarsaroundtheworld.com. They have created a website that makes it easy for people to purchase these cigars. They even have something called the “Cigar of the Month Club” whereby registered members will receive a specially selected combination of 5 premium hand made cigars (they may even have Black and Mild cigars), once a month. These cigars are nationally recognized brands, and represent a vast assortment from the marketplace. Basically, you can sign someone up (or yourself!) for a subscription.

So wait no more all smokers out there. Start something to finance your smoking habits.

Window Solar Energy Collector

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In tropical countries where sunlight is abundant, it can be both a problem and an opportunity. Why not invent something that can kill two birds with one stone – remove the negative impact of sunlight but harness the positive attributes at the same time. Well… you may think it is impossible but wait till you here about Smart Energy Glass.

Smart Glass Energy is a new innovation from Dutch Peer+ that turns windows into solar energy collectors with a customisable appearance. It does not only collects solar energy but owners can even adjust visibility level by switching between three modes: dark, bright and privacy, which scatters the light passing through. By controlling the darkness mode of the windows, harmful UV rays can be minimized. The energy that is harnessed can be used directly by home owners and the surplus can even be fed back to the grid resulting in lower energy cost. Whether you are running a business card printing or a gym, this Smart Energy Glass will benefit you.

What a great idea!

Flipping Properties

Author: Alex  |  Category: Services

For those who have not heard of the term “Flipping Properties”, it is actually a term used primarily in the United States to describe the practice of buying an asset (in this case could be a house, an apartment or a commercial property) and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit.

This business is especially suitable for those who have sufficient cash to buy a property and refurbish/remodel it to make new an old property. Either you can do a total renovation or selective renovation either by doing a paint job, add additional rooms or just simply adding in Grohe faucet into the bathrooms. Smart property flipper knows the market very well and will know an under valued property when they see one. So… in order to be successful, do equip yourself with knowledge of the property market. Also not forgetting to get yourself familiar with building repair and construction works so that you can estimate accurately how much it will cost you to refurbish your home. Partner up with a reliable contractor that you can work with. If you do not know any, you can check Retrospek.com.my out. They have been partnering up with investors to flip properties.

Solatube – Renewable Light Source

Author: Alex  |  Category: Environmental

How may of you out there are bored with your sales jobs and think that if you have a great and interesting product, you will do well? I have something for you which you might find interesting.

Introducing Solatube, a natural daylighting system. Everyone is talking about cutting carbon emission and reduce energy consumption recently, and launching this product now is a great timing. Just to provide a quick introduction. The Solatube natural lighting system captures the sun’s light with a unique Solar reflector inside a high impact acrylic dome.  The dome is mounted on a specially designed UV protected roof tile fitting that can be located strategically at areas where it captures the most daylight. The light is directed down a highly mirrored aluminium tubing system to an attractive diffuser on your ceiling and from the bottom, it looks like a typical recessed downlight.

For those who are interested, you can contact them to find out how you can be a sales agent or a distributor at Solatube.com.