Infrared Heat Theraphy

Author: Alex  |  Category: Health

For those who loves to go to spa, sauna is something quite irresistible. This heat therapy actually promotes several benefits such weight loss, (great fat burner for men and women alike) treat cellulite, improves immunity system, improves strength and vitality, controls blood pressure and etc. The conventional hot rock or steam heat saunas are the most common type. Well… now there is such a thing call infrared heat therapy. Conventional system heats the air with steam which in turn heats up your body. Unfortunately, this method of heating causes difficulty in breathing. Unlike infrared heat therapy, it draws on soothing dry far infrared heat that is well ventilated. It gives you the same feeling as sunbathing minus the risk of getting sunburned.

More and more hotels offer their guests the luxury and relaxation of an infrared sauna. It has simply become an imperative part of the wellness package, next to massages, solarium and beauty arrangements. Time to get workout some dealership arrangements with the manufacturers.