Shoe Art

Author: Alex  |  Category: Lifestyle

Fashion industry is a huge business especially shoes. If you are able to carve yourself a niche, you can hit a home run just like Jimmy Choo. Ever thought of turning normal shoes into a work of art.

A Toronto-based design firm called Ndeur actually offers customized, hand-painted shoes. What Nduer does is to take vintage leather pumps and sneakers and decorates them with unique designs and patterns in oil-based paint. Founded in May 2007 by Parisian artist Mathieu Missiaen, customers can also just ask Missiaen to paint what he likes. The shoe becomes a one of kind shoe that is truly unique.

If you are good with art, why don’t you take other wearable items and hand-decorate it so that you can sell it a premium? You can tie up with companies such as Ebillme and give out shoebuy coupons to attract your customer.

Property Flipping

Author: Alex  |  Category: Services

With the current economic picking up and demand for properties is increasing, it is a good time for people who wants to make a quick buck by flipping properties. For those who are unfamiliar with flipping, it simply means buying a property and reselling it quickly, as opposed to holding on to a property long term as a rental.  There are two basic ways to flip property. One way is to buy with the intent to resell at a profit without ever occupying it. The other more common method is to acquire a property, remodel or renovate and sell at a profit.

For those who are new to these, in order to make money from flipping properties by means of fix and flip, there are few important things to consider. First you have to buy low. In order to do that, keep an eye for ugly looking properties. For most home buyers, what they see is a haunted house but for property flippers, they see beyond the overgrown landscaping and cracked building exteriors and focus on the potential value.  Put a few designer Kichler lighting and the haunted house is turned into a dream home.

For those who love to invest in property, this may be another source of income.

Bags from Sweaters

Author: Alex  |  Category: Environmental

Any old sweaters or clothing that has been left in the corner of your closet for a long time? Why not turn it into something useful.

There are many old clothing that has been turned into old rags or ended up in the bin. Why not upcycle into something more valuable other than an old rag? Take for example Woolstatic, a company that made pretty much anything from cut up wool sweaters and sell it online. Check it out at

This business idea is especially workable for stay at home mum who loves to knit.

Home Beer Brewing Kit

Author: Alex  |  Category: Food

For all beer drinkers and connoisseurs out there, this might just interest you. There is nothing better than freshly brewed beers. Those you get in restaurants and pubs are not as fresh as those which are served in microbrewery beer gardens. Baking your own cake at home is something commonly done at home but have you heard of brewing your own beer? Well… it is not that common because breweries usually take up significant amount of space. Well, a New York-based Brooklyn Brew shop came up with the idea of selling a variety of diminutive brewing kits that could easily be purchased by apartment-dwellers and others with limited quarter. The kit takes up only less than one square foot while in use. Imagine having a nice cool freshly brewed beer while sitting on your log furniture at the balcony. Wouldn’t it be a nice way to enjoy your evening?

I am sure there is a demand for such a thing. However do check first whether it is legal to do it in your own country before you purchase one.