Cruise Entrepreneurs

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If you a travel agent or aspire to be one, why not consider becoming a cruise entreprener? Selling cruises is a wonderful way to make a living and more now than ever. However, if you are worries about high initial outlay, fear not as cruise entrepreneurs are going home-based.

Operating from home has its many advantages such as having low overheads. This means you can be highly competitive. You can consider becoming specialized in a certain type of cruise product or become expert in a certain aspect of cruising e.g. honeymoon cruises, family reunions, caribbean cruises, incentive cruises, bachelor cruises, and etc. This can even be done as a part-time job. Something worth considering.


Computer Parts Recycling

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Nowadays we are all being encouraged to recycle more and to find alternative uses for as much of our household waste as we possibly can. A better way to get rid of your rubbish is to sell it and make some money to those who wants it.

Take for example computer parts. There are ways you can make and save money by recycling and adopting a greener approach to life. In some parts of the world, there are still many people who find it too expensive to buy new. If you have an old computer that is no longer any use to you, you could sell it on as a complete unit to someone else or strip it down and sell on each of the individual parts e.g. monitor, ram, and etc.  A great way to earn some cash.


Colon Cleaning Service

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There are 3 business that in my opinion is recession proof. Health-care, education and food. Health-care business has always been profitable ventures as people can’t avoid needing to pay for health-care even in bad times.

One rather recent health-care offering is colon cleansing. The objective of colon cleansing is to relieve the internal workings of the human body from accumulated chemicals, toxins, and other foreign bodies. The accumulated subtance will affect the colon and the bowel to function in a normal and desirable manner. Failure to keep the colon in shape wills inevitable result in deterioration in health that could have long term and lasting ramifications.

Colon cleansing using  colon cleanser has become more and more popular looking for a fresh start. Good time to start this business.


Internet Booking Solutions

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With the growth of the world-wide-web, more and more companies will be capitalizing on this to showcase their products an services to the world. There is also a growing trend of bookings made online for hotels (e.g. laughlin hotels), air tickets, concert tickets, and etc.

As such, there will be a strong need for services to help companies go online. Take for example AFOOFA Solutions, a leading provider of technology, infrastructure and distribution channels for the global travel industry offering a spectrum of comprehensive and revolutionary travel technology for airlines, hotels, travel agents, corporations, travel enterprises and applications. AFOOFA Solutions brings automation and efficiency to every corner of the travel industry.

There are many more companies that may require the same service so if you are tech savvy, this could be your jackpot.


Customized Packaging Solutions

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Packaging business has been one area where many individuals has made it big. But as the world progresses and competition is on the rise, there is a need to be different and anyone who wants to venture into this business must come up with unique selling proposition. 

At The Custom Box Company, they specialize in manufacturing small quantity, made to order corrugated shipping boxes. With the use of their technology, set up time is brought down to a minimal to produce the custom boxes and this is crucial to remain competitive in the market. The order they take can range from small to very huge and caters to a wide range of customers.

There will be many individuals and businesses that requires corrugated boxes. Why not start this business today.


Digital Photo Frame

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As the world becomes more digitized, the need to have products to cater for the growing trend is increasing as well. Therefore, entrepreneurs who came up with an innovative product to cater this market will gain first mover advantage.

Consider a rather recent product called Digital Photo Frame. This product allows someone to view their pictures taken with a digital camera without using a laptop or through the camera. The unique thing about this product is that it actually looks like a picture frame and therefore you can actually leave it on a table. The picture than changes every few seconds so it feels like you having a slideshow minus having the need to have a projector and a computer.

What a neat idea.


Gadget Shop

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Sometimes being a geek can make you feel miserable but if you can capitalize on that, you might just an end up being someone’s role model. There are many geek-entrepreneur out there that has made it big.

If you have a burning desire for gadgets, why not consider opening a gadget shop. You can operate it either as a retail or online. Take for example Gadgetshop, an online retail selling cool gadgets. You can practically get anything from cool flash drive, toys, and etc. They focus their energy in sourcing for the most innovative contraptions from all over the world.

Now that’s one smart geek.


Online Supermall

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Online business or e-commerce is definitely not a new thing anymore. Many websites out there offers products and services that can be transacted online. There are numerous benefits running an online business such as lower operational costs and bigger audience. However, to survive in this challenging business, one must stay competitive and one way to do that is by being unique or doing it better that competitors.

Consider, The Internet Superstore™, where you can practically find the latest and greatest brands at reasonable prices. They offer millions of products in categories ranging from computer hardware and software to electronics, cellular, books, MP3 players, movies, music, sporting goods and more. They even offer free shipping.

By offering a wide selection of products at reasonable prices, manage to generate many visitors and retains them.  What a great source of income.


Insurance Agents

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Selling  insurance has become a source of income for some whether it is full time or part time. With discipline and hard work, an insurance agent can actually make qute a decent living. However, we some creativeness, you can make it easier for your potential cutomers to compare prices and that may just help you to generate more income.

At Wholesale Insurance, they make it easy for customers to get life insurance quote online. Their online “Life Insurance Quotes Engine” will instantly give the potential clients life insurance quotes from all of the best life insurance companies. From one screen they’ll be able to compare quotes from all of the different companies and pick the one that is best for them. By doing this, customers will feel more comfortable with the process.

If you are running your insurance business, why not offer this service too?


Carpet Art

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Home decorating has always been an area that interests most entrepreners because the market is huge and the potential is practically limitless. Many interior decorations focus a lot on walls, ornaments and furnitures. Here is another idea for you. 

Carpeting has not been given much needed attention. If you’re tired of plain floor covering and you’re looking for innovative ideas to decorate your home or business, why not consider RugArt?

RugArt is a relatively new and highly specialized craft that provides personalized designs for wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs and wall displays. The company provides a system that can craft simple borders on rugs as well as intricate. Any image can be developed into a rug sculpture of any size or dimension.

Imagine the number of houses and offices you can pitch this idea.