New Age Banana

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Bananas are super delicious but they do not last very long as they ripen and turn brown too fast. However, a company by the name of Del Monte has developed a new plastic wrap for bananas that promises to more than double their shelf life by keeping out air and moisture. Currently, they are conducting trials in 27 7-eleven stores around Dallas area. This could be a major breakthrough in resolving food wastage as a result of going bad.

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Eco Greeting Cards

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Christmas is just around the corner and there will be practically millions of people celebrating this special day. However, this only means plenty more trees will be chopped off since the demand for greeting cards will increase by many folds. Before anyone of you forget, this is just a friendly reminder. Why not consider something more environmentally friendly.

Consider . To protect and save the environment, they sell recycled gift wraps and greeting cards. There are many people out there who are already into green movements and for those of you who sells Christmas gifts, gift wraps and christmas photo cards, why not consider this your selected niche?

Sky Vegetables

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As urbanization takes place at an alarming rate, land has become more scarce. The population growth has been been increasing exponentially at many large cities and this gives rise to the need for more food. With higher demand of food, it only means that more land space is required to produce them. In many urban cities, land is a luxury. Farms are getting further and further from cities which means transportation costs and carbon emission increases. However, one company decides to take on this challenge by coming up with a very interesting and workable solution.

Introducing Sky Vegetables, an innovative, urban agriculture company dedicated to building sustainable, commercial-scale hydroponic farms on urban rooftops across America. These sky farms will not only produce food but will also help to cool down building as heat is absorbed by plants and not transmitted into building. Imagine having a farm on top of buildings in your areas, wouldn’t that be just great? Sky farmers can provide free directory of vegetables they grow on the building online so that consumers can locate the right building.

Bottle Recycling Machine

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Recycling is becoming more fashionable as people are taking the recycling business more seriously. The amount of household items that are discarded into the bins which can be easily recycled is enormous. Imagine if these items can be salvaged, how much raw materials can we reduced.

An Australian company called BottleCycler helps recycle disposable glass bottles. Their bottle crushing machine can be placed inside a typical kitchen area. Bottles are fed into the BottleCycler through an opening in the top of the device. The machine then quietly slices the glass into recyclable pieces. The glass is transferred into a regular 60L wheelie bin, which is picked up and emptied by BottleCycler, and brought to regional glass recycling plants for processing into material for new bottles or maybe even use for manufacturing glass tiles.

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Eco Nightclub

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What if there is a way for you to dance away and at the same generate some electricity, wouldn’t that be great.

Launched in New York, with a bouncing floor and a series of power generating blocks, this revolutionary eco nightclub will help to reduce carbon footprint using very simple but effective idea. They plan to serve organic spirits in polycarbon cups and install a power-generating dance floor, converting kinetic energy to electricity. The use of recycling water system to flush the lavatories will help to reduce dependencies on water.

Instead of looking for some miracle fat burners, you might be better off visiting one of these Eco Nightclub.

Prefabricated House

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When talk about houses, most of us are familiar with homes being built or constructed. Have you heard of manufactured home or prefabricated home?

Introducing “The Quik House”. It is a prefabricated kit house designed by Adam Kalkin from recycled shipping containers. A typical Quik House  has three bedrooms and two and one-half baths in its 2,000 square foot plan. Imagine an exterior of the house that can be constructed within a day, wouldn’t that be ideal when you need to press for time. The shell assembles within one day at your site, you will have a fully enclosed building. From start to finish, it should take no longer than three months to complete your house. This is another great way to ensure that containers are not gone to wasteland.

Rooftop Wind Turbines

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We are blessed with lots of wind in certain areas. What if we can harness this unused source of energy effectively so that we do not let it go to waste.

Introducing RidgeBlade ®, an innovative, affordable and effective way of harnessing the wind’s power to produce renewable electricity. RidgeBlade unique design produces electricity reliably in low or variable wind conditions. Because it was cleverly designed, although it is located on roof tops, it creates very little visual impact. This means that it can be used in a variety of locations including urban houses, rural buildings and environmentally-sensitive sites such as National Parks. The electricity generated can easily be used to power up household items such as ceiling fans and lights.

What a cool invention.

Environmentally Friendly TV

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Old LCD tvs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Just like plasma tv, which used to be a hot item is actually slowly phasing out due to high energy consumption. In Europe, plasma tv is actually banned forcing prices to plummet in remaining countries.

n a recent IFA show, Samsung used 40″ LCD TV with high powered LED Backlight technology. The new technology has already received the prestigious “Innovation Award” from the EISA (European Image and Sound Association) for its superb features. 

With LED light source, colour reproduction is far richer. LED light source also helps to increase the panel life two fold compared to previous CCFL panels. This light source is also environmentally friendly because it uses no Mercury.

Green Movers

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How about offering eco-friendly moving service. Traditional movers used cardboard moving boxes but FROGBOX,  an Canadian based company offers a low environmental impact alternative. Statistics has shown that cardboard and paper waste make up a high percentage of landfill material.  Instead of using cardboard, FROGBOX uses reusable plastic moving containers.

Frogboxes are green, industrial-strength plastic containers that are available in standard and wardrobe sizes. Consumers simply order the boxes they need, and Frogbox drops them off at their home using its biodiesel delivery truck. The company picks the boxes up once the moving is all done.

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Pop-up Cube Cabins

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A French tourism company called Bocages has created a pop-up cabin for four that features a transparent dome in the roof, a telescope and a sky observation kit. The aim is to create a portable observatory for stargazer fans. Made with recyclable wood, the cabin aims to be environmentally friendly.

Each cabin is also equipped with a double cabin bed, a sofa bed for two, a kitchenette with refrigerator and hot plates, shower, toilet, wardrobe, electric heating, a bio-ethanol fireplace and cast-iron garden furniture for outside.

Well, maybe somebody here can replicate such idea in this region. Recyclable wood is plentiful and some construction sites discard good quality wood without really putting them to good use. This pop-up cube cabins can be used for other applications e.g. advertising campaigns, pop-up gyms, weight loss programs, etc.