New Age Vehicle

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It’s a boat. It’s a plane. No it’s actually “AirFish-3”, a revolutionary invention that combines technology from the water and the air.

AirFish-3(AF3) is a 2-seater recreational craft operating in ground effect at 1m above water. However, this craft is capable of dynamic jumps at 4.5 meter nominal height and at 10m maximum height. The AirFish-3 is made of fibreglass and aluminium composite construction with fabric wings. This unit is designed for easy transportation and can be folded to fit on a car trailer. Cruising at 57 knots the AirFish-3 is about 5 times faster than a comparable boat.

I am sure many boat lovers out there will soon be searching for this so start securing yourself a dealership.


Martin Jetpack

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The next person who will be going down in history will be the person who creates a new mode of transportation. Movie featuring human flying using jet pack such as the Rocket Man is just science fiction until now.

A designer called Glenn Martin has actually came up with a one-man flying machine that actually works. Its called the Martin Jet Pack. It made its public debut at AirVenture, the world’s biggest air show.

Someone is going to be very rich pretty soon.

Green Car

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Cost of petrol is ballooning like crazy which becomes a major concern of most people. However, a concern may be turned to an opportunity with some creativity thinking.

A Finnish not-for-profit group is taking an innovative approach to getting more electric-powered vehicles on the road. This group which calls itself an open-source electric vehicle community wants to sign up 500 or more buyers for its first proposed model. What they hope to do is to retro-fit existing Toyota Corollas. 

Anyone who is good with engines out there? May be your winning business opportunity.


Luxury Bus

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Aeroline is a coach company that brings the standards and comfort of air travel to customers to ground travel. It is the first in the coach industry in Malaysia and Singapore to introduce the online booking concept. It provides convenience by allowing passengers to book trips, seats, meal preferences, manage travel itenerary and view details from the comfort of home. Aeroline also introduced the concept of mobile business lounges on the road, with attentive on-board crew to serve food and drinks and other needs and bringing travellers direct to the desired destination with the most cost and time efficient way possible. With regulated power supply on board, working on electronic devices for extended uninterrupted periods is a breeze on board Aeroline coaches.

Another inovative idea.