Weight Loss Camp

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It is no surprise that there is money to be made when comes to health especially weight loss reduction programs. If there is a way to help people to lose weight in a fun and entertaining way, I can bet all my money that business will be a huge success.

Consider Camp Shane, a weight loss camp. Camp Shane is a place where girls and boys, teens and young adult women feel comfortable, welcomed and good about themselves. It is managed by a caring community that provides emotional safety and a friendly environment for every child that provides all the support that the kids need.

As a result, the kids achive great weight loss reductions without help from diet pill.

Maybe it is time to start one here.

Flying Gym

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A quick look at Clinicallix reviews will show you how many people out there are still relying on diet pills to reduce weight.  There must be some other more interesting way to lose weight than to pop pills into your mouth everyday.

Just went I thought we have exhausted out ideas on fitness program, Reebok creatively came up with another one. Introducing JUKARI Fit to Fly. Working in collaboration with globally renowned entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, Reebok makes fitness fun again by introducing a new gym workout that combines fun with fitness. It aims to target all women, regardless of fitness levels.

The hour-long workout has been created on a specially designed piece of equipment called the FlySet. The workout gives the sensation of flying while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training.

Let see who is the first one to introduce this workout here.

Super Swing Extreme Sport

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If you think a swing is child’s play, think again. What if the swing is installed 1,100ft above ground?

In Harbin City, China, a 700 foot swing aptly named, “Game for brave people” has been installed on a radio tower.  Swingers start at the peak of the tower, which is 1,100 feet off the ground so imagine the adrenaline rush when you start swinging.

Maybe we can replicate the same thing here in Petronas Twin Towers or the KL Towers. That will add flavour to the local extreme sports scene.

Pre-Cut Decors

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With people flocking to buy IKEA’s furniture and fixings, there are many opportunities for ready-made decorations to customize their IKEA furniture to make it their own using decorative surface coverings.

Sydney-based Grippiks sells adhesive sheets in a variety of bright colours and patterns for use on the surfaces of many models of IKEA furniture. Made from a plastic-based film that grips surfaces using micro suction rather than sticky adhesive, the sheets are easy to position, reposition and remove without bubbles or sticky residue. A Grippiks sheet are pre-cut to just the right sizes for some of IKEA’s most popular items table, cabinets, audio racks, etc.

A simple idea that rides the waves of other successes.

Portable Gym Equipment

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone who can invent a great portable gym equipment for those who travel frequently. It can be quite cumbersome to look for a work out place especially for  those who are on strict training programs. Most of the time, people tends to put on weight or get less healthier when they start to travel heavily.

The design should be versatile and affordable at the same time allows the user to get a total body workout. Jerry Wesley saw this opportunity and invented the EZ-X. The compact, portable gym system features collapsible bars and interlocking weights so that the user can do a variety of different weight training exercises with one device. It includes resistance cords and more.

Well, say good byes to weight loss pills and hello to EZ-X.

Alternative Energy Entreprener

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As concern for the environment grows, people have to start doing their part to conserve energy. There are opportunities to save energy if you keep your mind and eyes open.

One such case is energy entrepreneur Lucien Gambarota. He says an average person can produce 50 watts of electricity per hour on a treadmill. Each of these machines are equipped with a generator inside. The electricity produced by the machine is used to recharge a battery which is used to power part of the lighting system.

Imagine how many treadmills are there around you. That equals to the potential income you can generate.

Calorie Tracker

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As the new year begins, most people have intentions to loose weight. As the saying goes “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, wouldn’t it be great if you can keep track of your calories?

James Park a serial entrepreneur saw an opportunity not to be missed. The result of his innovative mind is a $99 lipstick-size gadget that clips on to your clothes and uses a motion sensor to track everything from steps taken to sleep patterns and calories burned.

The Fitbit Tracker information can be uploaded to a wireless base station, which relays it to a Web site for analysis. This motivates people to get in shape by letting them track daily exercise .

A great way to start a new year. For those who is tech savvy, time to put your IT and computer schools knowledge to good use.

Knitting Community

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There is a new trend in town. Little kids, baby boomers and seniors are coming back to the knitting craft but the upswing in knitting is fueled by college-age people. It is becoming the hip thing to do now. The retro movement is on the rise bringing back elements from the 60s and 70s. More and more people want to do something with their hands and have a finished product. People are claiming that knitting helps to distress while having fun at the same time.

With new trends come new opportunities. Combining a retro art and modern day Internet technology, entrepreneurs can take this opportunity to create something unique for themselves.

Consider Ravelry, an online knitting community that provides information to their members and also provides hobbyist an online meeting place.

Website: https://www.ravelry.com

Artistic Helmet

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With more people demanding unique products, personalized or customized design items are becoming sort-after items. Everything and anything that can be personalized has a market for it and with the help of the Internet, the entry barrier to business is significantly lowered.

Another great idea on how a simple item such as motorcycle helmets can be personalized to help you earn more compare to just selling ordinary helmets. For those who have some killer airbrush skills, this may be your golden ticket to  hotel las vegas.

Green Gym

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Gyms and fitness centers are sprouting everywhere. However, if we put on your thinking cap and think out of the box, you might just be able to create a whole new market. For most gyms, you have to pay to gain access to a gym. Have you ever come across gyms, that pays you for using their equipments? I guess not.

Consider Green Microgym, a new age fitness center that focuses on renewable energy to power up gyms. Combining solar technology and human to generate electricity through energy generating equipment, they are making huge savings on energy cost. They even have  the “Burn and Earn” program that pays you $1 per hour for using their energy generating equipment.

What a great to save the planet and get fit at the same time.