High-Tech Bras

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There is a new invention in town. A bra that is smart enough to detect the initiation of cancer-forming cells prior to any substantial proliferation. Professor Elias Siores, director of Centre for Research and Innovation at the University of Bolton,UK is the inventor of this device.

This high-tech bra detects minor temperature changes that occur to the breast tissue. As tumors begin to grow, they demand a higher blood flow to develop. This increased blood flow will elevate the body temperature, signifying the initial stages of cancerous growth. The bra will be made from materials that are sensitive to passive microwaves to detect the thermal alterations and will incorporate a discrete alarm feature to alert the wearer to seek medical attention if necessary.


Shoe Shining the New Age Way

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Forget about the traditional way of polishing your shoes using brush, wax and handpower. The new age way of polishing shoes is quite effortless. This machine can be placed strategically at certain locations to attract customers. Hotels could use it in their VIP rooms. Even at golf courses this machine can come in handy. There are already companies putting advertisements on the machines as a marketing communication tool.

Polar Bags

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Cooler bags are nothing new. However this UK company manage to make something ordinary to something more eye catching . Whether it is for a for the beach or something to keep your work or school lunch cool and fresh, Polargear offers a great range of choice to meet your needs. The even have collection of bottle and food coolers and changing bags for babies.

Website: www.polargear.co.uk

Shoe Entrepreneur

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Going into a shoe business is never a bad idea. Shoes are needed by everyone from every walk of life whether it is for sports use, work use, leisure use and etc. On top of that, shoes are not made to last which will somewhat guarantee a flow of demand. Companies such as Crocs, Ecco shoes, Vincci, Lewre and many more are making a name for themselves in the market. Shoe entrepreneurs such as Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Christian Lacroix has become famous icons just by making beautiful shoes.

If you have the talent for shoe designing, why not start your own business. You can even just start small doing personalized shoes just for weddings or other special events. 

Website: www.footwearetc.com

Motorcycle Saddle Customization

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If you have the love for motorbikes, why not consider running a motorbike-saddle customization workshop?

With the amount of motorbikes on the road, the market is huge. Consider Top Saddlery, a company that provides a complete choice of saddles for motorbike or scooter. They have many different types of seat covers. The customer can choose from various colours and materials with or without your personalized embroidery motifs. Top Saddlery’s caters to a good range of motorbikes as well as scooters.

Website: www.topsaddlery.com

Collectibles Trader

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Selling collectibles is another good way of earning money. A walk in a mall will show you a variety of shops selling different types of collectibles e.g. miniature toys, coins, stamps, painting and etc.

However, there are still many areas where you can fill up the gaps. If you look around, there are many people out there who demands certain niche items. With demands comes business opportunities. Take for instance Reamcollections.com. They supply  renaissance costumes, medieval weapons, home decors and etc – a one-stop shop for all your medieval items needs. Instead of selling, you can even consider rental opportunities for costume parties.

Website: www.realmcollections.com

Buy or Sell Old Memory Modules

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If you have sources for old computer parts such as laptop memory, server memory, system memory, printer memory and etc, its a great way to earn some extra money.

18004memory.com buys unwanted memory modules from those who do not want them and resell it to those who wants them. The seller will mail the components to them and they will inventory it and check them out. Within 5-7 business days they will quote you the price for the item. If the seller agrees with the price, they will send a check or the seller can also apply the amount for credit to a future purchase. If the seller do not agree with the price, they will return your items to you at no charge. Risk is minimized for the seller and the buyer. What a cool idea. Making some money while working towards a greener environment at the same time.

Website: www.18004memory.com

Online Bookstore for Parents

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Selling books online has been quite a lucrative business. You can sell practically any type of books for example Amazon books.

There is one company in Malaysia that focuses primarily on children’s books.  Valuebookshop.com offers books that help build character, instill good skills and values and many others. They have books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even books on parenting.  New books are not cheap so Valuebookshop offers closeouts and used books that are of good quality to their buyers.

With the rising cost of fuel, online shopping can be your winning solution to providing added value services.

Website: www.valuebookshop.com