Backyard Farming Consultant

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If growing food has been a passion of yours for as long as you can remember, why not help others  with their journey in food production. Consider They make a living by teaching others to grow food in their backyards the organic way. As you know, organic food is much healthier but it comes with a price. Therefore, a great way to  save money is to grow your own food. Unfortunately not many people have the know-hows.

Look at it this way. While doing this, you can even take the opportunity to sweat it out thus cutting down your reliance on alli diet pills. So if you have green fingers, start making money by being a Backyard Farming Consultant.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Business

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Credit cards are a big business today, with many companies making a fortune off finance charges. The average annual percentage rate is about 16% on most cards. With that kind of interest, it’s tough to pay down a card because it is consistently charging interest and adding to the principle.

In an effort to lure consumers to their credit card, many companies offer balance transfer credit card. came up with a great way to help potential customers to compare a wide selection of 0% APR balance transfer credit card offers from leading banks and using balance transfer calculator and articles to help clients save the most money possible when you transfer a balance online.

Another smart online business that capitalize on the growing trends of credit card users.

Olympics Dolls

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With the Beijing Olympics starting today, there are many opportunities for the people in China. One such way was to actually earn money using their mascots.

The Fuwa (Good-fortune Children) are the mascots of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. They consists of five members: Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini. The five mascots incorporate fish, giant panda, fire, Tibetan antelope, and swallow designs respectively, and each also represents one of the five Olympic Rings. When the five names are put together, they form a pun on the phrase “Beijing huanying ni” which means “Beijing welcomes you”.

There are many entrepreneurs out there made their millions by just selling dolls e.g. Ugly Dolls. So start using your creativity and start selling your own dolls.

Recruitment Agency

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On a daily basis, people are being fired from their jobs, employees looking our for new opportunities and human resource department looking out for trust worthy and efficient workers. These all leads to the rise of recruitment agencies such as, and Boston jobs.

Thousands of people are on the lookout for recruitment agency jobs. Many businessmen have already seen this as a good opportunity and invested on recruitment agencies. Due to this, employment agencies has become a great source of income for entrepreneurs to earn considerable profits. If you are looking for a low cost recession free business that you can engage in, you might want to consider investing in a job recruitment agency.

Energy Management Consulting

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Saving money makes good business sense and that is why many companies will be constantly on the look out for new ways to reduce operational costs. With the rise of fuel and energy cost, there is a great demand in the market to address this issue and currently there is a huge void to be filled up.

Many companies may not realize that saving energy is actually one of the easiest ways to reduce costs and improve your reputation. Simply by switching machines off after use, or turning the heating down in warm weather, you can make real savings on your energy bill. 

However, not many companies are aware how much of these energy consumptions can be reduced. So if you like helping organization improve their bottom line, energy management consulting is something that you can consider.

Martin Jetpack

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The next person who will be going down in history will be the person who creates a new mode of transportation. Movie featuring human flying using jet pack such as the Rocket Man is just science fiction until now.

A designer called Glenn Martin has actually came up with a one-man flying machine that actually works. Its called the Martin Jet Pack. It made its public debut at AirVenture, the world’s biggest air show.

Someone is going to be very rich pretty soon.

Reality TV Entrepreneur

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Many entrepreneurs has made it big through reality tv programs. Consider Simon Cowell and Dutch media tycoon John de Mol’s Talpa, shows such as American Idol, Big Brother and Fear Factor has invaded every continent and peoples’ homes. Now there is a chance to be like them. John de Mol recently announced the launch of, a site where TV fans can create and sell original non-scripted TV show ideas. The best ideas will be developed by del Mol and his team and may be produced and distributed internationally by Talpa Media Group and Endemol. People can participate by either submitting ideas or responding to focused creativity assignments. Talpa plans to buy the rights to concepts with promise and develop them. The originator, who can be involved in development, will be paid based on how far the project goes.

This might just be your calling.


Pool Floats

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If you have a good network with hotels, how about starting your very own specialty pool floats shop? Looking at the number of swimming pools available, without a doubt there is money to be made. Items that you can offer can range from pool toys to floating chairs, baby floats to pool rafts and many other pool products. By doing so, you can help provide a fun environment in the pool. Collaborating with hotels, shops can be opened near swimming pools providing you visibility to potential customers.

Gospel Aerobics

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When you think there is nothing else that can be offered when promoting fitness programs, think again. There is a new form of exercise that blends spirituality and sport, adulation and adductors, praise and press-ups. Its called Gospel aerobics, an excerise for the body, the spirit and the soul. Many exercise routines combine dance, self-defence and yoga elements but now you can even add in religious elements into your dance routine. Something fitness instructors and gyms could consider offering.

So why wait. Put on your Dansko shoes and sweat it out.

Manly Candles

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Well…for you guys out there who likes scented candles but find the candles in stores are just too floral for your liking, how about something more manly?

Manly Man Candle Company came up with an idea to produce and market unique scented candles that are catered to man. They have scent ranging from “The Hunting Lodge”, “Leather”, “Coffee Shop”, “Wild Alaska”, and etc.

This is a great example of what an imaginative mind can do. There are many other potential market segment to be targetted such as Baby Candles, Old Folks Candles, and etc. Something worth considering.