Fashion Entrepreneur

Author: Alex  |  Category: Online, Services

What do you get when you combine, Internet, User-Generated and Licensed Content and On-Demand Manufacturing? You get Yerzies.

Yerzies is an online marketplace that allows anyone to create, purchase or sell their own customized tee shirts and other apparel items. By combining advanced new manufacturing techniques with an innovative approach to crowd sourcing, this company provides users a wide array of creative options including printing, metallic foils, flocks, glitters, glow-in-the-dark materials and stitched processes. When the design is complete, users can purchase as little as one piece or sell their creations to the Yerzies community and keep the profits. The t-shirt makes a very good personalized gifts.

For those who have dreams of becoming a fashion designer, this may be a good place to start.


Harley Specialty Shop

Author: Alex  |  Category: Retail

There are many motorcycle lovers out there who collects antique parts as a hobby. If you are a motorcycle lover yourself, ever thought of opening up your own chain of specialty shop for bikers that sells all kinds of things for bikers e.g. Harley parts, seats and handles?

Take for example Antique Cycle Supply, they have been supplying vintage parts since 1974. Their products in their catalog range from genuine Harley Davidson parts and re-manufactured parts designed to restore vintage Flatheads, Panheads, and Shovelheads.

One thing that you can do differently is to provide more than that e.g. clothing, accessories and maybe even a little cafe by the side for bikers to use as a hang out place. You might end up making this idea as big as Hard Rock cafe.

Smash Shack

Author: Alex  |  Category: Wierd

With the amount of stress that you have to endure everyday, I am sure sometimes you feel like smashing things up to release all the tension that is building up. The only thing that is stopping you is the thought that you might just end up in jail.

However, there is this place you might just be able to do a lot of smashing without feeling bad for doing it. Introducing Smash Shack,  a place where people are allowed to let go, let loose and go home with a smile on their face.  Like a restaurant, they even have a menu with a selection of things you can break.

How interesting. I am sure we can find a market for it here.