Dorm Furnitures for Rental

Author: Alex  |  Category: Services

I remember during my student days, we do not really have a lot of money to spend on nice furniture. We make do with whatever we can get our hands on with the limited budget we have. If only there is a way student can get decent furniture at a price they can afford. Another problem is once their uni days are over, they have another hassle of getting rid of them.


Well…here comes Evolving Vox, a company started by two students at Dartmouth College to address this problem. Their company rents out furniture to students, enabling them to go through college without having to make large purchases for their rooms.  From electrical items to furniture, all can be rented at a affordable prices. Everything is dropped off for free and whenever you don’t need them, the pick-up service is also free so that the students need not worry about hauling furniture and appliances around.


This idea can work anywhere. Get in touch with the online university web page to market your idea.

Tech Dining

Author: Alex  |  Category: Food

When you fuse food and technology together, you get a whole new dining experience. Well… a London-based restaurant did just that by launching Inamo, a pan-Asian restaurant that has gone away with the traditional printed menu.

To replace the printed menu, an illustrated menu is projected onto the diners’ touch-sensitive table where diners can select their food. Once selected, diners can use the touch-table to watch a live feed of their chefs at work.Diners can even personalize the decor of their dining booth by selecting sounds and animated, projected table ‘cloths’.

So wait no more, go to your nearest Plano dentist to get your teeth nice and shiny, put on your best suit and take your date to Inamo during Valentines.

New Age Barcodes

Author: Alex  |  Category: Services, Wierd

For those of you who have held a barcode scanner to scan an item to get the price of an item, you will notice how dull looking the barcodes are. However, a Japanese Design Barcode took an innovative step to turn standard bar codes into something more interesting.

Traditional rectangular looking bar codes are redesigned to something cute and more meaningful. From animal designs to buildings, Design Barcode has ingeniously incorporated the elements of their clients’ business into the bar code designs.

This is just one example of how simple and boring things can be turned totally opposite.

Power Generation Ball

Author: Alex  |  Category: Environmental, Gadgets

I could not resist sharing this with all of you. This invention is a remarkable example of how we can harness kinetic energy from our daily activities.

Football is nothing new to everybody and almost everybody I know is into the game, either as an audience or an active player. A group of Harvard University invented sOccket, a football that turns energy from a kick into electricity. Basically, it works with inductive coil technology, similar to that found in flashlights that power up when shaken. It is estimated that for each 15 minutes of play, it can store enough energy to power a small LED light for three hours. This portable energy-harvesting device can even e used to charge lights, cell phones and batteries.

Well, how about trying to invent something to capture the energy dissipated from your ps3 wireless controllers?