Computer Parts Recycling

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Nowadays we are all being encouraged to recycle more and to find alternative uses for as much of our household waste as we possibly can. A better way to get rid of your rubbish is to sell it and make some money to those who wants it.

Take for example computer parts. There are ways you can make and save money by recycling and adopting a greener approach to life. In some parts of the world, there are still many people who find it too expensive to buy new. If you have an old computer that is no longer any use to you, you could sell it on as a complete unit to someone else or strip it down and sell on each of the individual parts e.g. monitor, ram, and etc.  A great way to earn some cash.


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  1. hyperX Says:

    Yes… selling old parts to others will be good and you can earn money from it but sometimes it’s just too cheap to sell and you even waste the shipping fee. The best thing to sell is RAM. An old SDRAM can easily sell triple the original price. Too bad I doesn’t keep them.

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