Go Green with Nanotechnology

Author: Alex  |  Category: Environmental, Services

With the recent advancement of nanotechnology, a new method of combating pollution is born. Recent studies in environmental photo-chemistry, natural photosynthesis, and chemical methods for solar energy transformations together with the emergance of nanotechnology created a whole new and clean way of combating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air and water.

When photocatalyst is exposed to light in the presence of water vapor, two highly reactive substances are formed: hydroxyl radicals [OH] and a superoxide anion [O2-1]. It allows the oxidation of airborne VOCs and toxic organic matter changing them into less harmful carbon dioxide and water.

This technologies have now been proven to be effective in almost all industrial fields offering benefits that includes contamination resistance, anti-fog, deodorizing, and etc. A promising approach for remediating air quality .

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