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There are many minipreneurs out there looking for small business opportunity but lack the capacity to open up their own stores in busy malls. However this company in Singapore has helped these minipreneurs to overcome this problem by offering a display space in their store. inQbox™ is the first urban retail utility™ concept store that represents a collective of independant designers and entrepreneurs in the city and around the world. inQbox will give provide a  retail space and a gallery space at low cost and low risk. On top of that, they will even provide merchandising and marketing tips to create more exposure for your merchandise.

What a great way to start a business.


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  1. Fashion Retailer Entrepreneur » Neurons at Work: Business Ideas for the New Age Says:

    […] too long ago, I wrote about a company called InQBox, a retail outlet that rent out space for minipreneurs. Another company has followed the same […]

  2. danny Says:

    inqbox midvalley kena sue by mid valley

  3. danny Says:的丑闻

  4. Amy Says:

    Don’t start your business with this type transaction. You will paid more first and lost after, they have collect all their own profit and your sales not promise. Even sales below the rental, you still need to pay commission. Think properly, is it a fair business? P.S. The Mid Valley outlet have receive my deposit and 6mths rental, it have close after 1 month I joined. Tiil now I not yet receive any refund and feedback.

  5. harvey Says:

    Hi Amy, they have failed to pay me back my deposit as well and they always practice delayed-tactics in their payments. I believe there are many others who are in the same boat as us, I’d like to gather enough people to take legal action against them.

  6. ali tasner Says:

    It is such a pity to see all these negative remarks i will strongly reccomend that you check verify with INQBOX if these are even true! I am an ex boxpreneur and my experience with INQBOX at Raffles city and Parkway Parade is nothing less then excellent! I will recommend INQBOX

  7. Shree Says:

    Hi All, I’m from The New Paper and am currently working on a story about inQbox, could you ring me back as soon as possible? It’s urgent! my number is 9663 4955, tks !

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