Container Homes

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What do you get if you combine old containers with innovation? You get “Container Homes”. With the amount of containers being left to rust after they have lost their usefulness, there are stacks and stacks of metals that can be recycled.

An innovative company manage to give these old containers a new life by turning them into groovy and practical homes. This concept can be easily adapted in most countries making it a low cost but comfortable homes. This idea is superb in my opinion because not only it is not difficult to adopt but by doing so, we are helping mother nature to clean up waste.

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  1. swordie Says:

    I wonder how hot it will be inside the ‘house’ if it is fixed in hot climate region… but if old contenas are available here, I might do the same… of course on smaller scale… 1 or 2 contenas ๐Ÿ˜€

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