Islamic Swimwear

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Many sports manufacturer makes lots of money selling swimwears. Consider high-tech swimsuits manufacturer such as Speedo’s new LZR Racer, Arena, Adidas and Mizuno, research and development has helped them elevate their brand names to new heights. Many high fashion brands churn out sexy swimwear to capture some of this lucrative market.

However, there is much potential in modest swimwears that targets the Muslim community. At example of companies who is quitely earning money selling Islamic swimwear is Bestburkini which provides full covered modest islamic swimwear to accord with aurat rule. Better known as burkini or burqini, it comes in different sizes, designs, and fitting with detachable head cover for extra modesty.

So, to all fashion designers out there. Start carving yourself a niche here.


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8 Responses to “Islamic Swimwear”

  1. Jian Says:

    Don’t know why Nike hasn’t made Dry-fit tudungs yet.

  2. JB Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Our website specializes in modest swimwear for today’s modest active woman.

  3. JB Says:

    Our website is

  4. Sena Says:

    Exactly agree with your point. It is not only Muslims who are looking for a Modest Swimwear. Many women, regardles of their faith, looking for a decent swimwear to swim in. We do not have to reveal the details of our body just because fashion dictates it. Therefore we came up with a large collection of swimwear for women, men and children to suit the need of people at different level of modesty. People are surprised to see that non-Muslims also shop from us. Our website is

  5. Zasha Says:

    I agree too as we are very busy – see

    Kind regards


  6. Seymour Beaches Says:

    OH MY GOD thats too funny…

  7. maira rasool Says:

    i want to buy an exel size swim wear.but there is no designe on waist is 47.can i see and when.

  8. petal Says:

    Sarah Bohn,sorry to disturb u
    we r the factory which locates in guangzhou ,china,mainly products all kinds of swimwears including muslim swimwear
    we can send u the sample firstly to check the quality
    our price range is 15-17usd one pcs,inclung the hood
    pls give us a chance

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