Gourmet Popcorns

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There are many ways you can create new businesses. One way is to use old marketing methods to sell new products.  Another way is to sell old products using new marketing methods. Take for example popcorns.

Popcorns are not new products, they have been around for ages but if you can creative find new ways to re-package, you might just create a whole new market. Consider Popcornopolis. They sell gourmet popcorns that comes in gift baskets with a wide array of unique choices such as Rocky Road, Cinnamon Toast, Cheeses and etc. What a  great way to make old things new! 

Website: www.popcornopolis.com/

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  1. Kandis Boeschling Says:

    I am trying to get hold of the owners of Popcornopo;is, i am interested in opening a franchise store of it in Houston TX. Popcorn is in great demand here, and i know people would flock to a store here. There are several locations that would be fabulous.

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