Airpod – Car that Runs on Air

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Electric cars now look like a thing of the past. Now Motor Development International (MDI) has come up with cars that actually runs on air with a little bit of fuel, ethanol or vegetable oil.

At a speed between 56 to 64 km per hour, its great for city centre driving. However, combine with diesel, biodiesel or biofuel to heat the compressed air, it cav even go up to a speed of 154 km per hour with fuel efficiency of 43 km per liter. Its great compare to the car which I am driving right now that sucks up 1 liter every 12km.

I wonder what’s next.  

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One Response to “Airpod – Car that Runs on Air”

  1. Charlie Says:

    What’s next is waiting, waiting, waiting, …….

    MDI has announced “production next year” just about every year since 2000, but they have never delivered a single vehicle. They haven’t even gotten to the point where they let independent 3rd parties such as auto magazines do road tests of things like max speed, acceleration, and most importantly — operating range.

    The challenge with compressed air is the low amount of energy stored in compressed air. The airpod has 175 liter tank with 350 bar of pressure. That stores 48 megajoules — about the same as 1 kilogram (2 pound or about 1/3 gallon) of gasoline.

    Now that MDI has temporarily shelved their plans for full sized vehicles and are working on a very tiny “transporter”, perhaps they can actually bring something to the marketplace other than empty, unfilled promises.

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