Micro-Wind Turbine

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On the topic of renewable energy, a collaborative effort between the University of Hong Kong and Motorwave Limited has launched a new development in micro-wind turbine technology that can be placed above houses and building. These micro-wind turbines can start generating electricity at wind speeds as low as 2 meters per second.

These micro-wind turbines are specially designed using plastic gearwheels with diameter of just 26cm making it much smaller when compared to traditional wind turbines. The gearwheels are linked together and users can choose the numbers of gearwheels they want and determine the size of their wind turbines according to their energy needs and the space they have on their balconies or rooftops.

Now, people living and working in urban environment can get their hands on wind technology. What a neat idea.

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  1. kong Says:

    I’m doing a project in my university which is about the innovation of micro wind turbine as a power source generator for guidance and warning light system. As you expert knowledge, may I know what material would fit the best to the propeller of the wind turbine? Beside that, for a micro wind turbine which axis is better to used (horizontal-axis or vertical-axis)?

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