Toymaker – Rubik’s 360

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If you think becoming a toymaker is bad idea, think again. Consider the success of the Rubik’s cube, Professor Erno Rubik, is set to repeat the success with the Rubik’s 360.

The reclusive Hungarian inventor hopes to recreate the buzz of Rubik’s Cube with his new game, featuring six balls trapped within three transparent plastic spheres, confronts users with the same frustrating challenge. Players must get the coloured balls from an inner sphere into matching slots on the outer sphere by shaking them through a middle sphere that has only two holes.

If you have the thing for puzzle, why not invent your own puzzle game and sell it for big money.

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One Response to “Toymaker – Rubik’s 360”

  1. Rubik 360 Says:

    I would love to be able to invent toys like this and make them a big success. A friend of my parents, not a toy inventor at all, came up with the idea for “Jenga” (ie – stack of blocks, try and remove one without the tower falling over), and has never had to work again. That would be great.

    I think the 360 will be an immense success. Its price of around $15 is low enough to not be a problem during a recession for most people looking for a present for one of their frieds.


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