Pasty Chef

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Culinary professionals are always in demand due to the needs of the F&B industry. If you are good, you will make good money in no time. So if you are thinking of becoming a pastry chef but has no idea how to even begin, you can consider attending a pastry making class.

Consider Ecole de Patisserie (School of Pastry). Ecole de Patisserie offers an intensive and hands-on course allowing students to master the techniques of classic patisserie.  This course aims to enable students to understand the developments of baking, food productions and techniques involved in pastry making. Students will be exposed to an array of classic and contemporary French desserts, advanced techniques in chocolate and sugarwork by EDP’s team of experienced chefs. 

Now… go fulfill your dream.


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  1. reese Says:

    I only enjoy eating them:) Some look to good to be put into mouth

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