Hawaii Obama Tour

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With Obama’s historic win, some entrepreneurs are cashing in quickly. Consider Obamatourhawaii.com. The organization has been serving the visitor industry since 1992. “Guides of Oahu” provides a unique twist on the standard Island tour as you traverse the leeward coast in the shadow of Diamond Head and the Ko’olau Mountains, tracing the footsteps of the local boy who became President.


The tour explores Barack Obama’s roots to find out who and what influenced his values, viewpoints, passions and policies. You get to see where Obama used to hang out, play basketball, see movies, where he went to school, and where he got his first job. His 2 1/2-hour tour costs $40, so depending the number of tourists he has, he earns quite a decent income.


Maybe you can start something similar with your local figure heads. Just food for thoughts…

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