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During the times of uncertainty, it is best to equip oneself with useful skills that will increase your personal value do that in the event of retrenchment, you will stand a higher chance of being the last one to be retrenched or if you are retrenched, you will stand a better chance being re-employed by prospective employers. Or with some skills, you can even set up your very own practice or firm. One such useful skill is project management skills.

It is highly sort after in every organizations as many organizations embark on projects on a regular basis. Unlike some skills, project management skills are not confined to a specific industry. A project manager is responsible for the leadership of the project from inception to completion. The project manager leads the team and helps negotiate the multiple relationships within any project, whether with clients, team members, firm principals or any variety of partners and functions as the hub of a project.

If you want to become a professional project manager, make sure you obtain credentials from Project Management Institute (PMI). You can even obtain online Project Management certificate.

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